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RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time
Anime television series
Directed byTakuya Satō
Written byKenji Konuta
Music byMaiko Iuchi
StudioGeek Toys
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS, Sun TV, TVQ, BS11
Original run October 3, 2018 December 19, 2018
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RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time[1] is a Japanese anime television series by director Takuya Satō and illustrator Yoshitoshi ABe. The series began airing in Japan from October 3 to December 19, 2018.


Derrida Yvain (デリダ・イヴェン, Derida Ivuen)
Voiced by: Kenshō Ono[2] (Japanese); Adam Gibbs[3] (English)
Derrida is an engineer and the son of Jaques Yvain, the inventor of the DZ AI technology that has brough forth a new civilization in the near future. Him and his colleague Nathan discovered a flaw in the AI program his father created and reported to his boss, Andrei, who refused the recall. However it is revealed that Andrei wants to take advantage of the flaw and sets out to kill Derrida and his allies. Derrida miraculously escapes, but accidentally slips into a cryogenic chamber and sleeps for several years. When he awakens to a war-torn environment, he meets Vidaux and his daughter Mayuka and they agree to help him find a way to end the war.
Yuri Dietrich (ユーリィ・ディートリヒ, Yūryi Dītorihi)
Voiced by: Himika Akaneya[2] (Japanese); Natalie Hoover[3] (English)
Mage Bilstein (マージュ・ビルシュタイン, Māju Birushutain)
Voiced by: M.A.O[2] (Japanese); Bryn Apprill[3] (English)
Vidaux Völker (ヴィドー・フェルカー, Vuidō Ferukā)
Voiced by: Hiro Sasaki (Japanese); Brian Mathis[4] (English)
Vidaux is a former police-inspector turned contractor who travels with his daughter Mayuka. He encounters Derrida and helps him end the war.
Mayuka (マユカ, Mayuka)
Voiced by: Kaede Hondo (Japanese); Dani Chambers[4] (English)
Graham (グラハム, Gurahamu)
Voiced by: Kazutomi Yamamoto (Japanese); Howard Wang[4] (English)
Donna (ドナ, Dona)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard[4] (English)
Nathan Bilstein (ネイサン・ビルシュタイン, Neisan Birushutain)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai[4] (Japanese); Seth Magill[3] (English)
Hans Andrei (ハンス・アンドレイ, Hansu Andorei)
Voiced by: Minoru Inaba (Japanese); Phil Parsons[4] (English)
Jacques Yvain (ジャキス・イヴェン, Jakisu Ivuen)
Voiced by: Kenichirō Matsuda[4] (Japanese); Ben Bryant[3] (English)
Schmidt Maier (シュミット・マイヤー, Shumitto Maiyā)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese); Garret Storms[5] (English)
Funt (フント, Funto)
Voiced by: Haruki Ishiya[5] (Japanese)
Katze (カッツェ, Kattsue)
Voiced by: Wataru Komada (Japanese); Christopher Llewyn Ramirez[5] (English)


Kadokawa originally announced the series at its Anime Expo booth on July 1, 2017, under the working title "Project D".[6] The series will be directed by Takuya Satō, written by Kenji Konuta, and animated by studio Geek Toys. Illustrator Yoshitoshi ABe created character designs for the series, and Koji Watanabe will adapt the designs for animation.[2] The series' music will be composed by Maiko Iuchi and produced by Kadokawa. Sound for the series is directed by Yukio Nagasaki at Half HP Studio. The opening theme "Paradox" is performed by Quadrangle, and the ending theme "Toki no Tsubasa" is performed by M.A.O and Himika Akeneya under their character names. The series will air for 12 episodes.[7]


The series premiered in October 3 to December 19, 2018 on Tokyo MX and other channels.[8][9] The series is simulcasted by Crunchyroll,[10] and Funimation is producing an English dub as it airs.[11] The first four episodes premiered on Crunchyroll on September 22, 2018.[12] Crunchyroll and Hikari TV broadcast the episodes four weeks ahead of its TV broadcast.

No. Original Japanese title Original air date
1"The Place He Awakened"
"Mezameta Basho" (目覚めた場所)
October 3, 2018 (2018-10-03)
In the year 2050, Derrida Yvain, son of the DZ automaton inventor Jacques Yvain, and his friend Nathan Bilstein discover a bug in the DZ operating system. He reports it to his boss Hans Andrei demanding a recall, but Andrei refuses to take action. Derrida decides to discuss this matter with his father the next day so that he can be on-time to Nathan's daughter Mage Bilstein's birthday party. Derrida, Nathan, and Mage's friend Yuri Dietrich celebrate Mage's 8th birthday at the Bilstein residence. Derrida promises Mage to make time leaping a reality and he hands her a chip that has the patch for the bug. The next day, Derrida meets up with Jacques to hand him a copy of the patch, and expresses his frustration over not being recognized by him. Meanwhile, Mage falls unconscious doing an experiment with time leaping. That night, Jacques is killed by Andrei's agents, and Derrida and Nathan attempt to flee the city only to be stopped by Andrei, who states his intention to militarize DZs and frame Derrida for his father's murder. Being pursued, Derrida stumbles into a secret lab where he has a hallucination of Mage telling him to enter a cryostasis chamber and he goes into a cold sleep. He awakens to a place that has been decimated by war.
2"Who Is Left in the World"
"Sekai ni Nokosareta Mono wa" (世界に残されたものは)
October 10, 2018 (2018-10-10)
Derrida is attacked by militarized DZs and gets saved by Vidaux Volker, who informs him that ten years have passed and DZs are the reason why the world is in ruins. Vidaux and his adopted daughter Mayuka help get Derrida escape the battlefield in their vehicle Graham. Realizing that Andrei was trying to eliminate all witnesses, Derrida informs Vidaux and Mayuka the truth about what happened on that fateful day and ask that they help him find Mage. The three go to the ruins of the Bilstein residence where Derrida has that hallucinations of Mage again, with the girl who looks like the 8-year-old Mage introducing herself as Ange. After learning that Derrida is still alive, Andrei hires the mercenary Donna to kill Derrida. Derrida encounters Yuri at the house where she informs him that Mage is dead.
3"Those Who've Come Together"
"Atsumatta Mono-tachi" (集まった者たち)
October 17, 2018 (2018-10-17)
Derrida is brought to Mage's grave where he explains the truth regarding the deaths of Jacques and Nathan. The four get attacked by Donna. In pursuit by Donna, the four flee to a base camp inside a cave, and Donna retreats thinking that she had killed Derrida by caving in the entrance. Yuri leads the group to her home with a market that is still operating to stock up on supplies. There, Yuri informs Derrida that she faked Mage's death by putting up a grave knowing that somebody is after her life. As Derrida resumes her search for Mage, Ange appears again and warns him that Yuri is in danger. A grenade explodes in her home causing Yuri to jump out of the window and Derrida catches her as Andrei had hired another mercenary to kill Derrida. After getting away, Yuri decides to help Derrida search for Mage.
4"The Time Leaper"
"Jikan Chōyakusha" (時間跳躍者)
October 24, 2018 (2018-10-24)
Looking for clues about Mage's whereabouts and unable to obtain information from the internet, Derrida decides to infiltrate Rebuild and access the data from his old lab computer system. They approach the building through an abandon subway tunnel where they encounter DZs about to run out of power. Derrida and Vidaux enter the lab and obtain all information regarding Mage, while Derrida makes a shocking discovery. The two get spotted and escape the lab, while Yuri drives Graham to pick the two up outside the building. Derrida and Vidaux analyze the files and learn that the bug was intentionally implemented by the government and Rebuild to cause the DZ rampage. Thinking about a dream he had about the birthday party, he notices an incongruity in the past timeline when he observes that Yuri was at the party before he was on her video camera, which is different from what he experienced.
5"That Which Is Not Wholly Abandoned"
"Sute Kirenu Mono" (棄てきれぬもの)
October 31, 2018 (2018-10-31)
With Yuri finding a clue regarding Mage's whereabouts, the group visits the Vanfort Museum of Modern Life. There, Derrida activates the celestial globe that reawakens memories of his visits there. Donna attacks again, and Vidaux fights her while Derrida and Yuri head to the security control room to retrieve video footage of Mage. On the way out, Derrida is prompted to stop by the prototype DZ that his father unveiled at the museum, and he gets sent to the past on the day before his father was killed. He warns Jacques about Andrei and the bug, but he refuses to change his course of action as he already knew the truth. Back in the present, Derrida notices another incongruity as previously Yuri's camera was damaged, but after returning to the present no damage is present. Vidaux holds off Donna long enough to allow everybody to escape. Reviewing the footage retrieved from the museum, Derrida sees that Mage was talking with the Rebuild researcher Cassiel.
6"Those Who Search, Those Who Conceal"
"Saguru Mono, Kakusu Mono" (探る者, 隠す者)
November 7, 2018 (2018-11-07)
With Graham in need of repairs, Vidaux and Mayuka head into the city to get a specialized mechanic while Derrida and Yuri stay behind and spend a night at an abandoned house. While waiting for repairs, Derrida and Yuri discuss the Trout Theory about time rides that Derrida wrote for his graduate thesis. Derrida looks at the pictures in Yuri's camera when he time rides into the moment he and Nathan tried to escape. From this, he deduces that vivid memories trigger the time ride. Derrida does several time rides back into the past. While he is unsuccessful in changing history, he learns more about time riding. After photographing Yuri, he time rides to the night of Mage's birthday experiencing the events from Yuri's memories. Back in the present, Yuri runs off and gets kidnapped.
7"The Loves of Each"
"Sorezore no, Ai" (それぞれの, 愛)
November 14, 2018 (2018-11-14)
Yuri is held hostage by Schmidt Maier, a government bureaucrat, in the town of Bruque. While Graham gets repaired, Derrida goes searching around town to locate Yuri. Having been alerted that Derrida is in town, Schmidt approaches Derrida demanding that he hands over the patch file in exchange for Yuri. That night, Derrida and Vidaux meet Schmidt at the bridge to perform the exchange approaching him unarmed as instructed. Derrida makes a demand to make an official record of the exchange, using that as a signal for Mayuka to throw a smoke bomb. Derrida rescues Yuri in the distraction and the party flees town in the repaired Graham that can now hover over water. Meanwhile, Mage is about to do something in secret that Derrida would disapprove of.
8"The Fate of Time"
"Toki no Sadame" (時のさだめ)
November 21, 2018 (2018-11-21)
Derrida and company are caught in a trap set by Donna, but they escape due to the assistance of a mysterious voice. Arriving in town, the party decides to stay at a hotel knowing that Donna will not attack crowded places. The person speaks again and Derrida identifies it as Cassiel's scrambled voice. Following Cassiel's instructions, the party leaves town the next morning and they get chased by Donna. Cassiel arrives to escort the party while he disables Donna's prosthetic arm with an electromagnetic device as they get away. Cassiel explains that he helped Andrei carry out the conspiracy, but he had intended to notify Derrida about the situation before he went missing. Donna attacks again and inflicts a serious stab wound to Vidaux before Derrida uses Cassiel's device to escape. As the party flees, they see weapons of mass destruction fired, and Derrida learns about the limitations of time riding as memories can only be manipulated once, rendering him unable to time ride back to a critical moment in the past.
9"Strong Bonds"
"Tsuyoi Kizuna" (強い絆)
November 28, 2018 (2018-11-28)
With Graham in pursuit by four cars, Vidaux takes Graham's advice to drive off the highway and down the mountainside to shake off the pursuers. While resting by the river with Vidaux's injury aggravated by the impact, Mayuka talks about her bond with her adopted father with Yuri as the two watch the fireflies. A resting Vidaux recalls his time as an inspector as he was dedicated to catching criminals, but had a falling out with police force and the law. His wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident and with regulations forbidding him from inspecting matters involving family members, he went after the culprit himself and killed him out of revenge not realizing he had a daughter that he would adopt. DZs then attack and the party manages to escape after Vidaux gets captured and rescued. Meanwhile, Mage is about to engage in time riding.
10"Those Who Have Let Go"
"Tebanashita Mono" (手放したもの)
December 5, 2018 (2018-12-05)
Donna is revealed to be a DZ with human intelligence. She was created and researcher Angelica interacted with her. However, when Donna tried to steal her identity, she turned confrontational and Donna killed her in response. Derrida returns to the college he studied at and meets up with Marlene, a professor he studied under. Marlene explains that she is partially to blame for the current situation the world is in as she researched artificial intelligence hoping to create DZs that can live in harmony, but after Angelica's death she dropped her research realizing the dangers involved. However, the research was continued by someone else. Derrida also explains that the Trout Theory is also dangerous if used incorrectly, thus explaining why he does not approve of Mage time riding.
11"A Quiet Place"
"Shizukana Basho" (静かな場所)
December 12, 2018 (2018-12-12)
Derrida and company arrive at a remote lab where Mage is time riding, and they are attacked by a horde of combative DZs. Schmidt arrives in a military aircraft and attacks Derrida with an army of advanced DZs that are resistant to Cassiel's electromagnetic device. Graham sacrifices itself by driving itself into the aircraft and self-destructing on-board, while Vidaux stays behind to fight off the DZs to allow Derrida, Yuri, and Mayuka to proceed. The three are attacked by the military with orders to capture Derrida alive. They are saved by Donna, who proceeds to attempt to kill Derrida, but Donna stops her attack when Derrida convinces her that he had created her with good intentions. Derrida and Yuri enter the lab to go see Mage while Mayuka turns back to return to Vidaux.
12"Everything Goes Back to Where it Belongs"
"Subete wa Arubeki Basho e" (総ては在るべき場所へ)
December 19, 2018 (2018-12-19)
Derrida and Yuri enter a room that is a replica Mage's home on her 8th birthday, which Mage had set up to trigger vivid memories. They see a note instructing Mage to watch a video of her past self, and Derrida realizes that his time rides came at the cost of Mage's memories, not his own as the Trout Theory states, due to her creation of Ange. With the world about to be destroyed, Derrida makes one last time ride back to the day of Mage's 8th birthday party. He apologizes to Mage and gives his support towards her research in good faith. As a result, she does not perform the experiment that caused her to collapse the next day, and instead of taking her to the hospital, Nathan is at work where he is tipped off by Cassiel about Andrei's conspiracy, exposing it to the public before the Rebuild executives could act. As Ange disappears, she tells Derrida that he actually died and that Ange herself never existed, but his death was overwritten by Mage's will. In the new reality, Derrida and Mage are married, Vidaux works alongside Mayuka's father that he killed in the original timeline and is about to have a child, Graham is a service DZ rather than a combat vehicle, and the world is at peace.


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