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Developer(s)Erich Neuwirth
Stable release
3.2.9 / 6 January 2013; 6 years ago (2013-01-06)
PlatformR programming language, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Windows
TypeStatistical software, Spreadsheet
LicenseRExcel Noncommercial license or RExcel Commercial license

RExcel is an addin for Microsoft Excel. It allows access to the statistics package R from within Excel.

The main features are:

  • Data transfer (matrices and data frames) between R and Excel in both directions
  • Running R code directly from Excel ranges
  • Writing macros calling R to perform calculations without exposing R to the user
  • Calling R functions directly from cell formulas, using Excel's autoupdate mechanism to trigger recalculation by R
  • Using Excel as a GUI for R, making R functionality accessible through menus and dialog boxes instead of a command line oriented programming style. Using this paradigm, the widely used GUI package R Commander is available as an Excel menu bar.
  • Installed using the package RExcelInstaller from CRAN

RExcel works on Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or 7), with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.[1] It uses the statconnDCOM (available from the same site as RExcel) server and for certain configurations additionally the rcom package (available from CRAN) to access R from within Excel.


External links[edit]

  • RExcelInstaller at CRAN
  • RExcel's web site has a master installer RandFriendsSetup which installs R, many R packages, RExcel, and the infrastructure needed to run RExcel (rscproxy, rcom, the statconnDCOM server)