RG-32 Scout

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Terrängbil 16 Revinge 2014.jpg
Place of originSouth Africa
Production history
DesignerBAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (formerly Land Systems OMC)
VariantsStandard, Full Armour
Mass4.45 t
Length4.97 m (16.31 ft)
Width2.06 m (6.76 ft)
Height2.05 m (6.73 ft)

EngineDetroit Diesel or
VM Motori or
Steyr M16[1]
Suspension4×4 wheeled
Speed105 km/h

The RG-32 Scout is a family of mine-resistant 4×4 light armoured vehicles made by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (formerly Land Systems OMC) in South Africa. It is based on the RG-31, which is already deployed worldwide with peace-keeping, security and combat forces. The combat weight of the vehicle is about 7,300 kg and it has the capacity to carry a crew of 5 to 7.[2] The vehicle crew is protected against 5.56×45mm NATO ball ammunition, grenades, firebombs, anti-personnel mines and side blasts. The five-seat version also offers protection against anti-tank mines and side blasts. Up to two RG-32Ms can be transported in a C-130 cargo aircraft.[3]

The latest development of this vehicle is the RG-32M Galten. The RG-32M has undergone "winterisation" modifications in Sweden; the RG-32M has been used in environments ranging from 49 °C (120 °F) in the desert of Africa and the Middle East as well as at −35 °C (-31 °F) in parts of Sweden.[2]

Production history[edit]


  • RG-32M Standard (Driver + 4)
  • RG-32M Full armour (Driver + 8)
  • RG-32M LTV Light Tactical Vehicle[4]


Map with RG-32 operators in blue

More than 800 RG-32 vehicles are in service worldwide, including with:

Current operators[edit]


Civilian operators[edit]

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