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Rhino Poetry is a nonprofit literary journal based in Evanston, Illinois.[1] Established in 1976 as an outlet for members of the Poetry Forum workshops,[2] Rhino expanded its scope in 2002 to national and international poets.[3] It features works from unknown and established English-language poets,[1] as well as short'shorts or flash fiction and poetry in translation.[4] One of the oldest independent literary journals in the Midwest,[5] Rhino Poetry holds monthly poetry readings in Evanston,[6] which have been active since 2002. The Illinois Arts Council awarded RHINO poets with literary prizes in 2002,[7] 2003,[8] and 2008.[9] Literary Magazine Review called it, “an annual that anyone interested in American poetry should attend to”.[10] It has received funding from the Evanston Arts Council[11] and the Town of Normal Harmon Arts Grant.[12]

Yusef Komunyakaa selected a Rhino 2002 poem, “Skin” by poet Susan Dickman, Rhino 2002[3] for publication in The Best American Poetry 2003.[13] In 2006, Billy Collins selected Daniel Gutstein's "Monsieur Pierre Est Mort" from Rhino 2005 [14] for The Best American Poetry 2006.[15]


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