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RISC OS Open Ltd.
Industry Computer software
Founded Worthing, UK (20 June 2006 (2006-06-20))
Founder Ben Avison, Andrew Hodgkinson, Andrew Moyler, Richard Nicoll, Steve Revill
Headquarters Cambridge, UK
Area served
Key people
Steve Revill, Co-founder and Managing director
Ben Avison, Co-founder
Andrew Hodgkinson, Co-founder
Products RISC OS 5
Services IT consulting
Website riscosopen.org

RISC OS Open Ltd. (also referred to as ROOL)[1][2] is a limited company engaged in computer software and IT consulting.[3] It is managing the process of publishing the source code to RISC OS.[4] Company founders include staff who formerly worked for Pace, the company which acquired RISC OS after Acorn's demise.[5]

The source code publication is facilitated by a shared source initiative (SSI) between ROOL and Castle Technology (CTL).[6][7] ROOL hopes that by making the RISC OS source code available for free it will help stimulate development of both the RISC OS source code and the platform as a whole.[8][9]

A development version of RISC OS 5 has been available for the BeagleBoard and related hardware since early 2009.[10]


Ben Avison showing a BeagleBoard in 2009
Steve Revill in 2011

ROOL set initial goals to make the source code easily available (on the web), and also to establish a wiki, forum and bug tracker.[11] These have been available since December 2006.[12]

Operations exist to facilitate tasks related to ROOL's goals. Additionally, staff undertake development work on the code themselves. Since early 2009, ownership, development and sales of the Acorn C/C++ tools were transferred to RISC OS Open.[13] As a development from the initial goals, in 2011 ROOL introduced a bounty scheme to encourage further development.[14]

Attendance at RISC OS computer shows is often arranged, with other knowledgeable coders sometimes standing in when ROOL staff are unavailable.[15] A Facebook page was created in 2012.[16]


Discussions of a technical and more general nature take place on the forum. A thread entitled "Let's get started with a Pandora port" witnessed discussion of porting to the Cortex-A8 used in the Pandora handheld game console.[17] The thread was started in September 2008.[18]


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