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TypePrivate startup
IndustryComputer software
FoundedPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania (2008)
FounderJake Stein and Robert J. Moore
Number of employees
71 (September 2014)

RJMetrics is an American software company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company offers big data analytics to small and midsize businesses.[1]


RJMetrics was founded in 2008 by Jake Stein and Robert J. Moore.[citation needed] The company had over 300 customers as of September 2014.[2]


RJMetrics was a bootstrapped company[3] until it received its first round of funding in 2012. The seed round was $1.2 million and came from Red Swan Ventures, Vision Ventures, SoftTech VC, Zelkova Ventures, Lerer Ventures, and SV Angel.[4] In May 2013, RJMetrics received its Series A funding of $6.25 million from Trinity Ventures and SoftTech VC.[5]

In September 2014, RJMetrics received its Series B funding of $16.5 million from SoftTech VC, Trinity Ventures, and August Capital.[6] To-date, the Series B funding is one of the biggest rounds of funding received by a Philadelphia-based IT startup.[7]


In August 2016, Magento acquired RJMetrics, and Stitch, Inc. was spun out as an independent company, with the same investors as RJMetrics.[citation needed]


RJMetrics is a software as a service business intelligence platform.[8] In July 2014 RJMetrics announced the v2 release of its product and rebranded as an analytics platform.[9] The release included improvements to every major part of the software.

  • Analytic Warehouse: Built on Amazon Redshift
  • Transformation Cluster: Built on top of Hadoop
  • Visualization Interface: Allows users to perform cohort analysis, calculate repeat event probability, and combine data from multiple sources

Data journalism[edit]

RJMetrics has received a significant amount of press for their data journalism. Notable coverage includes:

  • The Wall Street Journal covering RJMetrics’ analysis of Crunchbase[10]
  • Fast Company covering RJMetrics’ analysis of Airbnb[11]
  • Forbes covering RJMetrics’ analysis of the ALS ice bucket challenge[12]
  • TechCrunch covering RJMetrics’ analysis of the Biz Stone's Jelly App[13]

In 2012, comedian Daniel Tosh covered RJMetrics' analysis of Chatroulette[14]


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