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The RK 215 is a line of diesel engines built by MAN (previously Ruston). The RK 215 series is a large four-stroke diesel engine that has an 11-liter displacement per cylinder.[citation needed]

RK215 diesel engines have also been manufactured in Iran by DESA diesel,[1][2]


Syrian railway LDE 3200 equipped with RK 215 diesel engine

Twelve- and sixteen-cylinder versions have been used in main line diesel electric locomotives, including Alstom's LDE 3200 locomotive for Syria and M9 for Sri Lanka (12-cylinder), and the AD43C for Iran as well as the KTM Class 29 for Malaysia (16-cylinder).

Like most MAN engines, the RK 215 is also sold for stationary and marine use. It is available in I-6 V-8, V-12 and V-16 RK215 engine during the introduction as AD43 locomotive application started in Iranian railway has received many modifications.


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