RK Metković

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RK Metković
RK Metkovic Jambo.png
Full name Rukometni Klub Metković
Founded September 29, 1963
Arena ŠD Metković
Capacity 3,500
President Stanko Vidović
Head coach Tomislav Veraja
League 3. HRL-jug
Club colours          
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours

RK Metković (Rukometni Klub Metković) is a handball club from Metković, Croatia. Currently, RK Metković competes in the Croatian First League of Handball and the Croatian Handball Cup.

The club was founded on September 26, 1963 under the name Mehanika. RK Metković has changed its name several times since his foundation, so it played under the names of Razvitak and Metković-Jambo.

Today, this club has men's and female's section.


Metković finished first in the league in 1999/2000 season before the playoff, but because of a player whose transfer from RK Zagreb to Metković wasn't completed (it was still a case in arbitration) played for them in a friendly match under a different name they were moved to second place. Therefore RK Zagreb had one home game more in the final where it managed to defeat RK Metković in five games with three home wins.

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