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RK Zamet
RK Zamet.png
Full name Rukometni klub Zamet
Founded 1957
Arena Centar Zamet
Capacity 2,350
President Vedran Devčić
Head coach Marin Mišković
League Dukat Premijer Liga
2015–16 4th
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RK Zamet (Rukometni Klub Zamet) is a handball club from Rijeka, Croatia, formed in 1957. The club currently competes in the Croatian Premier Handball League and the Croatian Handball Cup. Although the club did not win any mayor trophies, it has produced four Olympic gold medalists: Valter Matošević, Alvaro Načinović, Valner Franković and Mirza Džomba. Four additional Olympic gold medalists played for the club, including Irfan Smajlagić, Vladimir Šujster, Zlatko Saračević and Božidar Jović, and Jakov Gojun who has a bronze medal.



The club was founded in September 1957,[1] as RK Partizan Zamet by prof. Stanko Jerger, Josip Šarić and Vittorio Drog. The players of the first ever RK Zamet team were: Vilim Blažić, Tomislav Blažić, Nelo Stepčić, Vinko Radovčić, Anton Srdoč, Boris Kinkela, Josip Šarić and Stanko Jerger.

Zamet in Yugoslavia[edit]

During the first ten year real results came in 1966 when Zamet won the Regional League of Primorje and Karlovac. During the 1960's Zamet

Until 1972, the club played in the Primorska regionalna liga (Croatian Coastal League) in which they won the championship title in 1966, 1970, 1972, along with three runner-up titles. In 1972, they started competing in the Third Yugoslav League. In 1977, they were promoted to the Second Yugoslav League and, the following year, Zamet gained promotion to the First Yugoslav League. This decade saw the birth of players such as Marijan Seđak, Williams Černeka, Valter Marković, Željko Milanović, Darko Srdoč, Damir Čavlović, Boris Komucki, Renato Sošić and Jurica Lakić who left their marks in Zamet and handball in general.

For two seasons the club was renamed Partizan Rijeka from 1977 to 1979 when it was changed to Zamet .

In 1981, Zamet beat long time city rivals RK Kvarner and became Rijeka's top handball club. During the early 1980s, Zamet played in the second division. The 1980's saw one of the best generation of players come through the club such as: Darko Dunato, Boris Dragičević, Marin Mišković, Tonči Peribonio, Valter Periša, Vlado Vukoje, Alvaro Načinović, Valner Franković, Mladen Prskalo, Valter Matošević and Drago Žiljak In 1987, they once again earned promotion to the first division, where they stayed until the breakup of Yugoslavian league in 1991.

Zamet in Croatia[edit]

Following the independence of Croatia, from 1992, Zamet competed in the Croatian First League, with the exception of 1995–96, when they played in the second division. Zamet also built a strong youth academy with players such as Mirza Džomba, Renato Sulić and Nikola Blažičko come out of it during the 90's

From 1997 to 2000 Zamet changed their name to Zamet Autotrans,[2] due to sponsorship deal. During this period, Zamet regularly finished near the top of the table.

In 2000, Zamet signed a new sponsorship deal with Teri-Crotek, changing the club's name to Zamet Crotek for four years. They made it to the Croatian Handball Cup final, where they finished as runners-up in 2000[3] and 2001.[4]

After a successful period, poor results ensued, during the 2000's often finishing in the middle or bottom half of the table. The club was also in financial trouble and often couldn't pay the players their salary.

During the 2010 decade Zamet saw mid table results with the only notable success being finalist in Croatian Cup in 2012.


Since the foundation of the club matches was played on the playground Zamet. From 1973 until 2009, played in Dvorana Mladosti located in the suburb of Trsat. As of 2009 the club has been playing in Dvorana Zamet. The capacity of the venue is 3,960 spectators.


Further information: List of RK Zamet seasons

Since the beginning of Croatian handball in 1992 Zamet has competed at the highest level in the First A League later renamed: First League and now Premier League. They spent one season in the Second League in 1995-96.

Season Tier Division Pos.
1991-92 1 First A League 2nd
1992-93 1 First A League 8th
1993-94 1 First A League 8th
1994-95 1 First A League 9th
1995-96 2 First B League 1st
1996-97 1 First A League 5th
1997-98 1 First A League 3rd
1998-99 1 First A League 3rd
1999-00 1 First A League 7th
2000-01 1 First A League 4th
2001-02 1 First League 4th
2002-03 1 First League 5th
2003-04 1 First League 4th
Season Tier Division Pos.
2004-05 1 First League 14th
2005-06 1 First League 6th
2006-07 1 First League 10th
2007-08 1 First League 8th
2008-09 1 Premier League 14th
2009-10 1 Premier League 12th
2010-11 1 Premier League 9th
2011-12 1 Premier League 7th
2012-13 1 Premier League 7th
2013-14 1 Premier League 8th
2014-15 1 Premier League 7th
2015-16 1 Premier League 4th


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2015-16

Out on loan[edit]

  • Croatia Korado Juričić (at Croatia Mladi Rudar)


  • Croatia Dario Černeka

Technical staff[edit]

  • Croatia President: Vedran Devčić
  • Croatia Sports director: Vedran Babić
  • Croatia Head Coach: Marin Mišković
  • Croatia Assistant Coach: Valter Matošević
  • Croatia Goalkeeper Coach: Valter Matošević
  • Croatia Fitness Coach: Dragan Marijanović
  • Croatia Tehniko: Williams Černeka

Notable former players[edit]

For a list of many former and current RK Zamet players, see Category:RK Zamet players.
Further information: List of RK Zamet players





Runner-up (1): 1992
Third (2): 1998, 1999
Runner-up (3): 2000, 2001, 2012


Runner-up (2): 1980, 1984
Runner-up (2): 1965, 1968, 1972

Minor tournaments[edit]

  • Memorial Jurica Lakić (1): 1985
  • City of Rijeka tournament (1): 1991
  • Edi Berbonić tournament (1): 1991
  • Hera Gold Cup (1): 1992
  • Memorial Dean Ožbolt (1): 2006
  • West region cup (1): 2010
  • Memorial Robert Barbić (2): 2014, 2015
  • PGŽ Cup (3): 2012, 2014, 2015



Runner-up (1): 2008
Third (1): 1994
Friendly tournaments
  • Memorial Zvonimir Škerl (3): 1993, 1994, 2002
  • Memorial Marijan Karlović (2): 2004, 2008
  • Mediterranean Cup (1): 2011
  • 93rd Labin republic tournament (1): 2013


  • Memorial Zvonimir Škerl (4): 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000

Played against foreign club[edit]

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