RMIS Lomor (03)

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Republic of Marshall Islands Ship Lomor, a Police Sea Patrol vessel, on patrol, 2018-07-03.jpg
Lomor on patrol, 3 July 2018
Marshall Islands
Name: Lomor
Operator: Marshall Islands
Launched: 1991
Status: Ship in active service
General characteristics
Class and type: Pacific Forum-class patrol boat
Displacement: 162 tons
Length: 103 feet (31 m)

RMIS Lomor (03) is a Pacific Forum-class patrol boat operated by the Republic of Marshall Islands Sea Patrol.[1] Lomor is one of twenty-two small patrol vessels Australia designed and built for smaller fellow members of the Pacific Forum, after the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea extended control of a 200-kilometre (108 nmi) exclusive economic zone for all maritime nations.[2][3]

Operational history[edit]

In September 2012 Lomor, working with the Australian Defence Force, and the United States Coast Guard, to help locate a mariner lost in Marshall Island waters.[4]

In February 2018 Lomor and RKS Teanoai performed a joint patrol of their waters.[5] In July Lomor engaged in joint exercises with the United States Coast Guard cutter Oliver F. Berry, a similar-sized vessel.[1]


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