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RMIT Link is a division of RMIT University around student life and historically was an unincorporated entity, the campus union of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).[1] It was formed in 1968[2] and currently it consists of branches: Arts and Culture, Sport, City Fitness, "Recreation", "Orientation and Transition" and Administration.

Arts and Culture[edit]

RMIT Link Arts and Culture is the part of RMIT Link that supports student and creative programs at RMIT. RMIT Link Arts and Culture runs various programs including theatre shows; visual arts events; professional development, mentorship and leadership programs and fashion, textiles and design workshops.

Arts Council[edit]

The RMIT Link Arts Council is the organisation responsible for providing creative funding for students to create arts programs and events. Membership is made up of an elected student representative from each collective.


RMIT Music is the organisation responsible for all Music collectives either by direct control or by affiliation (except the RMIT Concert Choir). It operates as a collective under the Arts Council. However unlike other collectives, RMIT Music has many separate bands and the RMIT Music Committee operates in a similar way to the Arts Council itself. The President of this collective is David Garrick. Bands involved in RMIT Music include the Symphonic Orchestra; Occasional Choral Society; Concert and Stage bands; and String, Flute and Recorder Ensembles[3]

Sport and recreation[edit]

RMIT Link Sport and Recreation organises Sports clubs and events and recreation trips and tours at RMIT University.[4] Membership of the sports council is made up of one representative from each sports club, one representative from Recreation Trip Leaders and one representative of Sports event participants. Recreation run trips and tours of Victoria, including swimming with dolphins, learning to surf, trips to tourist destinations as well as cultural experiences.


RMIT Link was formed in 1968 following discussions between the university's Committee of Council and the Student Union.[2] The Link Union had provided its services in numerous locations around the university but 1980-82 Union House (Building 8) was built. It was opened in 1982 by Victorian Premier John Cain and the President of the RMIT Student Union. Later Union House was given extra floors and academic departments were added into the building and RMIT Union moved some services in to the neighbouring Building 28. RMIT Union eventually expanded into the Bundoora and Brunswick Campuses delivering services equal to those on the City Campus.

Following Voluntary Student Unionism legislation that took effect in July 2006 significant funding was lost by RMIT Link causing staffwide redundancies. Almost the entire staff was turned over around this time[5] and the City Campus became the only place where RMIT Union had a physical and staff presence except for a part-time staff member at both Brunswick & Bundoora Campuses.


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