RMS Duchess of Atholl

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RMS Duchess of Atholl

RMS Duchess of Atholl was a 20,019 GRT ocean liner of Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd that sailed between Liverpool and Canada.[1] William Beardmore and Company built her in Dalmuir, Dumbartonshire in 1928. For a month in 1928, Duchess of Atholl held the record for an eastbound crossing from Canada to Liverpool, at 6 days, 13 hours.[2]

In 1940, Duchess of Atholl left Liverpool on 19 July 1940, bound for Quebec and Montreal with passengers including evacuated children.

The German Type IX submarine U-178 sank her in the South Atlantic on 10 October 1942, killing four of the liner's crew.[3]

The 1928's movie Birth Of A Liner features the construction of the ship. [4].