RNAS Kingsnorth

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RNAS Kingsnorth
RAF Kingsnorth
Air Force Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Airport type Military
Location Kingsnorth, Isle of Grain
Occupants Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Coordinates 51°25′22″N 0°36′07″E / 51.42278°N 0.60194°E / 51.42278; 0.60194Coordinates: 51°25′22″N 0°36′07″E / 51.42278°N 0.60194°E / 51.42278; 0.60194
RNAS Kingsnorth is located in Kent
RNAS Kingsnorth
RNAS Kingsnorth
Location in Kent

RNAS Kingsnorth was a First World War Royal Navy air station for airships, initially operating as an experimental and training station, it later moved on to large scale production of airships. It also provided anti-submarine patrols. A number of experimental and prototype blimps were designed and constructed there.

It was located at the south eastern coast of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent.[1]


Royal Naval Air Service[edit]

In July 1914 the Royal Navy reformed its air branch, naming it the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). [2] and took over the base and its development and training functions. Two huge Airshipsheds had been built. After the base was decommissioned, the sheds were dimantled during the 1920s.

Royal Air Force[edit]

On 1 April 1918 the Royal Flying Corps and the RNAS combined to form the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the station became known as RAF Kingsnorth, eventually closing in 1925.

The site is now occupied by Kingsnorth Power Station.

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