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RNA polymerase IV is an enzyme which synthesizes small interfering RNA (siRNA) in plants.[1][2] Polymerase IV is specific to plants genomes and is required for the synthesis of over 90% of 24-nt heterochromatic siRNA. [3]


RNA polymerase silences the transposons and repetitive DNA in the siRNA pathway.[1] The siRNA plays a major role in defending the genome against the invading viruses and transposable elements by RNA directed DNA methylation. [3]

Polymerase IV and ROS1 demethylase unlocks and recondenses the 5S rDNA chromatin, which is present in seed and used for the development of adult features in plants. [4] Polymerase IV is involved in setting the methylation patterns in the 5S genes during plant maturation.[4]

In arabidopsis, polymerase IV is known to interact with an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, RDR2 and the collective activity of Pol IV-RDR2 is thought to give rise to the short dsRNAs which can be diced in to 24 nt siRNAs by DCL3.[1] [5]


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