Radio 3 (Spanish radio station)

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Radio 3
Radio 3 RNE Spain.svg
Broadcast area Spain Spain – National FM, DAB & DVB-T and Satellite
Andorra Andorra
First air date 1 July 1979
Format All news, talk, contemporary music
Owner RTVE

Radio 3 is RTVE's third radio station broadcasting programming mostly featuring indie music, alternative rock, electronic music and hip hop. Additionally, Radio 3 airs other music-themed programs such as Spanish folk music, flamenco, world music, jazz, country, blues, Brazilian music, heavy metal, punk and new-age music.

Besides music, Radio 3 also features serialised radio drama and collects news from different cultural expressions: literature, film, theater and visual arts, always highlighting and supporting the most innovative and restless in each discipline.

RRadio 3 started broadcasting in 1979 as El Tercer Programa (The Third Programme), and adopted its current name in 1981.


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