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RNW Media is an international non-governmental organisation based in Hilversum, The Netherlands. RNW Media focuses on engaging young people and supporting them to create positive change in their societies. Using digital media platforms--websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram--RNW Media builds digital communities of young people in restrictive settings. Thematic areas are: Social Cohesion and Inclusive Governance (SCIG); Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR); and Media Capacity Building.


From 1947 to 2012, RNW Media was the Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Radio Netherlands Worldwide), the Dutch international public broadcaster funded by the Dutch Ministry for Culture and Education. In 2013, RNW Media restructured and became a media NGO for free speech with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Free Speech organisational programme ended in 2016, marking a further transition for RNW Media. That year, RNW Media developed a new overarching organisational strategy 2016-2021, “Enabling the Next Generation: Young people, media and social change” and a corresponding organisational programme.


RNW Media works in 13 countries. Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda in Africa. Egypt, Libya and Yemen in the Middle East and North Africa. China in East Asia. Through the social franchise-based Love Matters Global Network RNW Media also works in India and Mexico via the respective host organisations, Development Consortium and Mexico Vivo.


RNW Media’s main funder is currently the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also receives funding from AmplifyChange, EuropeAid, The Dutch Postcode Lottery Foundation, The Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation, Nuffic and the Packard Foundation. It has also received funding from the Ford Foundation and Ideas42.


RNW Media is led by a CEO, Jacqueline Lampe. The CEO bears final responsibility for the organisation and is overseen by the Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht). The CEO leads RNW Media’s Management Team (MT) which consists of the CEO, the Director of Digital Programmes, the Director of Development and Global Networks, the Director of Finance and Operations and the Director of Business Development.

Supervisory Board[edit]

RNW Media is governed by a Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht). which is responsible for overseeing the policy of the CEO and the general running of the organisation. The members of the Board are: Susan Blankhart; Saskia Braam; Theo Huibers; and Nicole Kuppens.


RNW Media employs a core staff in The Netherlands who are responsible for strategic planning, programme management, communications, branding and stakeholder management, business development and data and digital processes.  They manage, coordinate and support the local teams and partners based in the target countries who are responsible for programme implementation. On 1 January 2019, RNW Media had 160 staff members, 55 based in The Netherlands and 105 in the target countries. All staff, including the CEO and senior management, are paid in line with benefit standards of the NGO sector in the Netherlands


Social Cohesion and Inclusive Governance[edit]

Citizens’ Voice’ is RNW Media’s programme to strengthen social cohesion and inclusive governance so young people in all their diversity can be meaningful participants and leaders in their communities. In a world where space for civil society is shrinking, Citizens’ Voice creates digital communities where young people can come together to voice opinions, discuss sensitive subjects, engage in constructive dialogue and imagine the kind of society they want to live in. Local networks of journalists, bloggers and change-makers from across the political and social spectrum run the Citizens’ Voice platforms and use modern media strategies to spark and moderate discussions and foster diversity of opinion. Currently Citizen’s Voice is active in Yemen, Libya, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, China and Egypt.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights[edit]

Love Matters’ is RNW Media’s SRHR programme. It is a global digital community supporting safe, healthy and pleasurable love, sex and relationships for young people. Love Matters uses a social franchise model to ensure sustainability of impact and provides online educational platforms that deliver accessible evidence- and right-based information and advice to young people. The programme also creates online spaces for them to share their thoughts with their peers and pose questions to experts. Currently, Love Matters is active in China, India, Kenya, DRC, Nigeria, Egypt and Mexico.

Media training[edit]

RNW Media’s training centre, RNTC, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2018 and has become a centre of expertise for media and communications professionals around the world, especially for those working in fragile states or countries in transition. RNTC offers a mix of long and short courses— from Media campaigns for Development and Social Change to Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation. Other themes include Data Visualisation and Digital Thinking. RNTC also offers tailor-made and pop-up trainings for universities, NGOs, media organisations and embassies. RNTC’s Online Academy provides independent online courses in English, Chinese, Arabic and French. Accredited by the Dutch Qualification Framework (NLQF), RNTC offers a six-month Honours Programme in ‘Advocacy Journalism in the Digital world.’ The programme covers data journalism, investigative journalism, video and podcast development as well as broadcast entrepreneurship, among other areas of work.


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