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ROAR Magazine
ROAR issue 3 rule of finance.jpg
Cover for ROAR Magazine Issue #3
Categories Politics, society
Frequency Quarterly
Circulation 100,000/month (online)
Year founded 2010
Based in Amsterdam
Language English
ISSN 2468-1695

ROAR Magazine is an independent publication that describes itself as a “journal of the radical imagination.” Its stated aim is to “provide grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy.”[1]

Founded as an activist blog in 2010, the project has since expanded into an online magazine and quarterly print journal. In its early years, ROAR was particularly known for its coverage and analysis of the political fallout of the global financial crisis and the social movements that emerged in its wake, with Naomi Klein calling it “a very exciting window into the global uprisings.”[2] The journal now covers a broad set of social, political and economic issues.

Prominent contributors[edit]

Political views[edit]

ROAR publishes a variety of left-leaning political perspectives. Its authors and editors have notably come out in support of social movements and democratic struggles like the Arab Spring, the European anti-austerity movement, Occupy Wall Street, the Gezi Park protests, the Free Fare Movement in Brazil, the Zapatistas of Mexico, the Rojava Revolution, the South African shack dwellers, Idle No More, Black Lives Matter, the No Border network, Nuit Debout and many others.


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