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Logo of ROKPA
Lea Wyler, Akong Tulku Rinpoche, and Veit Wyler: the three founders of ROKPA

ROKPA International is an international humanitarian organisation founded in 1980 by Akong Tulku Rinpoche, Lea Wyler and Dr. V. Wyler which operates principally in Nepal and Tibet. Its aim is to improve the quality of life of the poorest peoples around the world irrespective of their religion, nationality or cultural background.

ROKPA International has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland with national headquarters and branches in 18 countries. It is recognised by ZEWO, the central office for welfare organisations in Switzerland.[1]

Its total outgoings in 2008 was £2,657,000, of which 18% was taken up by fund-raising and administrative costs.[2] More than half of its funds are raised in Switzerland with the UK and Germany as its next most significant contributors.[3]

ROKPA UK[edit]

Most of ROKPA UK's fund-raising is done under the umbrella of the ROKPA trust based at Samyé Ling. A 2010 project to raise funds for the girls school at Kandze Monastery was successful in reaching its target of £9,449.[4] As at 13 August 2010 ROKPA UK was continuing its efforts to raise funds for the relief effort following the Yushu earthquake.[5]

It continues to host Tibetan students in the UK. Recently the emphasis has been on the ROKPA Horticulture Training Programme in Edinburgh.[2]

It continues to run projects in Zimbabwe under very difficult circumstances. Help is provided with food, medicines and with training and start-up funding for businesses.[6]

It has administered the Lothlorien Therapeutic Community since the community's foundation in 1989.[7]

Its total outgoings in 2008 was £261,137, of which 7% was taken up by fund-raising and administrative costs.[2]


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