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Soviet RPG-40 anti-tank grenade.JPG
Soviet RPG-40 anti-tank grenade
TypeAnti-tank grenade
Place of originSoviet Union
Service history
In service1938-
Used bySoviet Union and Warsaw pact countries
WarsWorld War II
Production history
DesignerM. I. Puzirev[1]
Mass1.200 kg[1]
Length20 cm

Filling weight0.760 kg[1]

The RPG-40 was an anti-tank hand grenade developed by the Soviet Union in 1940.[1]


Upon contact, 760 grams of explosives contained within it were detonated and produced a blast effect. This enabled about 20–25 mm of armour to be penetrated and caused secondary damage, such as spalling, on contact with thicker armour.[1] This made the grenade very effective against earlier German tanks, but ineffective against later models, such as the Panzer IV and the Panzer V, leading to the RPG-43 replacing it in 1943.


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