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RPG Maker 95 (RPGツクール95, Ārupījī Tsukūru Kyūjūgo) is the first RPG Maker series title for Microsoft Windows.[1] The tool is also the first version on computer systems in the series to receive an unauthorized English translation and release.[2]

Developer(s)ASCII Corporation
Publisher(s)ASCII Corporation
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)Role-playing video game creator
Mode(s)Single player


It is named after Windows 95.


RPG Maker 95 games run in 640×480 resolution and incorporates a 2D tile engine, that involve separate graphics files for characters, tile sets, backgrounds, and battle animations. The battle style of RPG Maker 95 is turn-based and in first-person perspective. The music featured in RPG Maker consists of MIDI and wav files.

Create game specifications[edit]

Party specifications[edit]

Player's party can consists of up to 8 members, with maximum of first 4 members entering combat at a time.

RPG Maker 95 VALUE![edit]

RPGツクール95 VALUE!
Developer(s)ASCII Corporation
Publisher(s)Enterbrain Inc.
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Release2000-? (1.30.00)
Genre(s)Role-playing video game
Mode(s)Single player

This version includes following changes:

  • Every time an event is created, the file name is no longer eve00000.Dat, but is decided by the map unit.
  • Windows XP support (requires 1.31.00 patch)

The first 2000 releases in Japan were accompanied with a soundtrack CD album "ZONDERLAND" of RPG themed music based on RPG Maker. Music was composed by the U.K. band INTELLIGENTSIA, who also created the RPG MAKER in game FX.


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