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Directed byAlain Chabat
Produced byAmandine Billot
Patrick Bordier
Screenplay byMaurice Barthélémy
Alain Chabat
Marina Foïs
Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Jean-Paul Rouve
StarringMarina Foïs
Gérard Depardieu
Damien Jouillerot
Narrated byOlivier Baroux
Music byFrédéric Talgorn
Release date
  • 28 January 2004 (2004-01-28)
Running time
94 minutes
Budget$17.9 million
Box office$11.8 million[1]

RRRrrrr!!! is a 2004 French comedy film set in 35,000 BC. It features two tribes, the Clean Hair and the Dirty Hair, who have been battling for control of shampoo for 800 years. The Dirty Hair tribe concocts a plan to steal the secret of shampoo, sending someone to infiltrate the enemy. When two members of the Clean Hair tribe are killed the chief instigates the first ever police investigation.


Release dates[edit]

Country Title Date
 Belgium RRRrrrr!!! 28 January 2004
 France RRRrrrr!!! 28 January 2004
 Turkey RRRrrrr!!! 4 June 2004
 Slovenia 10 June 2004
 Netherlands RRRrrrr!!! 1 July 2004
 Greece Grrrrr!!! Proistorika eglimata 23 July 2004
 Poland RRRrrrr!!! 23 July 2004
 United Arab Emirates 1 September 2004
 Czech Republic RRRrrrr!!! 23 September 2004
 Portugal 30 September 2004
 Thailand อาร์ร์ร์! ไข่ซ่าส์! โลกา...ก๊าก!! 2 December 2004
 Brazil RRRrrrr!!! Na Idade da Pedra 16 December 2005
 Spain ¡¡¡Caverrrrnícola!!! 18 August 2006
 Russia Миллион лет до нашей эры (One Million Years B.C) 2004


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