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RSD is a multinational enterprise software company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. With foundations in mainframe output reporting, RSD is primarily an information governance solutions provider. According to RSD, information governance enforces desirable behavior for the creation, use, archiving, and deletion of corporate information.[1]

Founded in 1973 in Geneva, with affiliates in New York, London, Paris, Boston, Zurich and Madrid, RSD solutions are used in more than 1,200 installations worldwide, including a majority of the Fortune 500. Today RSD supports millions of users, and offers its innovative products and services in more than 26 countries around the globe – both directly and through strategic business partners.[2]


RSD was founded by Louis-Pierre Roger in 1973 in Geneva as Roger Software Development. Roger retired in 2008.

In 1983, RSD released Writer Scanning Facility, or WSF2,which was later renamed EOS. WSF2 automated and suppressed manual checking of control lists, paper handling, report distribution, and printout logs.[3]

In 2006, RSD was listed in the Gartner Group's IDARS Magic Quadrant as a leader in Integrated Document Archive and Retrieval Systems.[4] They were also a leader in the IDARS Magic Quadrant in 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2010.

In December 2007, Vinci Capital and Invision Private Equity purchased a 90% stake in RSD.[5]

In 2008, Pierre Van Beneden was named CEO of RSD.[6]

In February 2009, RSD moved from mainframe output reporting to information governance with the introduction of RSD GLASS. In 2010, a second version of RSD GLASS was released.[7]

Executive team[edit]

Pierre Van Beneden is Chief Executive Officer of RSD. Prior to joining RSD, he was VP EMEA for Adobe Systems Inc. Van Beneden holds a Ph.D. in business management from Paris University. He has spoken at the World Economic Forum on the subject of "The Role of Information Technology on Education" and co-authored a book entitled Meta Organizations.[8]


RSD GLASS is RSD’s information governance solution, providing a platform for companies to define policies and enforce policies across multiple jurisdictions and repositories, thus managing the entire lifecycle for both electronically stored information and physical records.[9]

RSD EOS, or Enterprise Output Solution, is RSD’s enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution. [10]

RSD Folders is a document archiving and records management solution that manages document and content queries spanning both time and business applications.[11]


RSD’s global headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. North America headquarters are located in New Jersey, and there are affiliate offices in London, Paris, Boston, Zurich, Madrid and Bratislava.[12]

Industry and community involvement[edit]

RSD is heavily involved with industry organizations, such as ARMA International and AIIM, often speaking at local chapters and sponsoring major events.[13][14][15]

In 2002 RSD sponsored the Swiss Everest 50th Anniversary Expedition 1952-2002. Some staff from RSD accompanied the expedition.[16]

In 2006, RSD was a sponsor for Geneva Challenger ATP, tennis tournament in Geneva [17]

Recognition and awards[edit]

KMWorld, an Information Today publication, listed RSD as one of 100 Companies That Matter in knowledge management in both 2010 and 2012.[18][19]

KMWorld also recognized RSD for Trend-Setting Products in 2010 and 2011.[20][21]

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