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RSF Social Finance, located in San Francisco, California, is a non-profit financial services organization offering investing, lending, and philanthropic services to individuals and enterprises.[1][2] RSF has over one thousand clients and more than $120 million in consolidated assets. RSF Social Finance is the trade name of Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Inc. and its affiliates. It has lent over $100,000,000 and made more than $50,000,000 in grants to non-profit organizations and social enterprises.[3] As of 2006, RSF was growing at a 60% annual rate.[4]

RSF provides access to capital for organizations committed to fair practices and improving economic conditions. It was instrumental in introducing microfinance to Citi Private Bank.[5] The company has supported early-stage fair-trade companies unable to access loans from traditional banking sector.[6] The organization upholds transparency in lending: annually, borrowers are sent a list of those who made their loan possible, and lenders are sent the complete list of those to whom loans have been given.[4]

According to Co-op America and the Social Investment Forum Foundation, RSF is one of the top 10 organizations which "best exemplify the building of economic opportunity and hope for individuals through community investing."[7][8]


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