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RSS Bandit
Developer(s)Dare Obasanjo and Torsten Rendelmann
Initial release2003; 19 years ago (2003)[1][2]
Stable release[3] Edit this on Wikidata / 4 July 2010
Operating systemWindows
TypeNews aggregator

RSS Bandit is an open source RSS/Atom aggregator based on the Microsoft .NET framework. It was originally released as a code sample in a series of articles the Extreme XML column written by Dare Obasanjo on MSDN in 2003.[1][2] The code samples were developed into an open source project. It is currently hosted on GitHub[4] and the primary contributors are Dare Obasanjo and Torsten Rendelmann.



The three-pane user interface is modeled after desktop email clients, with a tree view showing the list of feeds. The application has a number of features inspired by email readers and other RSS readers including:

  • Search folders for reading all items that match a search term or just all unread items
  • Import and export subscription lists as an OPML file
  • Keyboard shortcuts for main functions
  • Ability to download podcasts[5]
  • Automatic marking of items as read as they are scrolled past
  • Search in all feeds, across all updates from subscriptions
  • Current subscription lists and read/unread state of items in the application can be synchronized via a FTP or WebDAV server, allowing use from multiple computers
  • Feeds can be read from a Google Reader account, allowing the user to subscribe or unsubscribe from feeds, mark items as read or star them in RSS Bandit and have these changes reflected in Google Reader
  • Feeds can be read from Facebook accounts, to read their news feed and comment on the status updates of their friends.


The application received 4 out 5 stars in a review on[6] It has also received 4 out of 5 stars in a review on[7]

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