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RT Mar logo.png
RT-Mart Neihu No. 2 Store, Neihu District, Taipei

RT-MART International Ltd. (Chinese: T: 大潤發流通事業股份有限公司, S: 大润发流通事业股份有限公司, P: Dàrùnfā Liútōng Shìyè Gǔfènyǒuxiàngōngsī), trading as RT-Mart (Chinese: T: 大潤發, S: 大润发, T: Dàrùnfā) is a hypermarket chain in Taiwan. Its headquarters are in Neihu District, Taipei.[1] The company opened its 23rd store in 2004.[2] RT-Mart and Auchan made a joint venture, Sun Art Retail Group Ltd.[3]

In 2010, in terms of turnover, RT-Mart turned to be the first foreign-based hypermarket chain in mainland China compared to other hypermarkets like Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour.[citation needed]

Sun Art Retail Group, a joint venture of Ruentex and Auchan, succeeded its IPO in Hong Kong Share Market in 2011. 19.4% of its capital is currently held by institutional investors and the public.

As of September 2012, Sun Art has 12% of the hypermarket share in Mainland China.[4]

On June 28 2013, as a milestone of Auchan's expansion in Asia, its 300th hypermarket under the name of RT-Mart was opened in Hechuan district of Chongqing, China. [5]


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