RTCN Białystok (Krynice)

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RTCN Białystok (Krynice)
Krynice (maszt).jpg
RTCN Białystok (Krynice),
currently Poland's seventh tallest structure
RTCN Białystok (Krynice) is located in Poland
RTCN Białystok (Krynice)
Location within Poland
General information
Status Complete
Type TV-Mast
Location Krynice, Podlaskie Voivodeship
Address 16-002 Dobrzyniewo Kościelne
Country Poland
Coordinates 53°13′57″N 23°01′22″E / 53.23250°N 23.02278°E / 53.23250; 23.02278
Completed Mast 1 - 1996
Mast 2 - 1962 (modified 1996)
Owner TP EmiTel
Height 331 m (1,085.96 ft)
Design and construction
Main contractor Mostostal Zabrze, Katowice, PL

RTCN Białystok (Krynice) (Radio and Television Broadcasting Center; Polish: Radiowo-Telewizyjne Centrum Nadawcze, RTCN) is a 331 m (1,085.96 ft) tall guyed mast for FM and TV situated at Krynice near Białystok in Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland. The structure was built in 1996 by Mostostal Zabrze, Katowice, PL[1] and is the seventh tallest structure in Poland (since the collapse of the Warsaw radio mast). The mast is owned by TP EmiTel z o.o.[2]

There is a second guyed mast at the same location which was manufactured by Mostostal Zabrze and erected by Białostockie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Miejskiego between April and September, 1962. It commenced regular broadcasting on 23 December 1962.[3] It was originally 226 m (741.47 ft) tall, but its height was reduced in 1996 to 102 m (334.65 ft) after the erection of the neighboring 331 m (1,085.96 ft) mast.

Major Transmitters[edit]

The licensed transmitters at this location are:[4]

Type Program Frequency Channel
DVB-T TV Multiplex 1 674 MHz 46 58 kW
DVB-T TV Multiplex 2 698 MHz 49 100 kW
DVB-T TV Multiplex 3 482 MHz 22 100 kW
FM Radio Polskie Radio Program I
Polskie Radio S.A.
92,30 MHz 30 kW Warel-Polska NRM 10S
FM Radio Polskie Radio Program III
Polskie Radio S.A.
96 MHz 30 kW Warel-Polska NRM 10S
FM Radio Białoruskie Radio Racja
Białoruskie Centrum Informacyjne Sp. z o.o.
98,10 MHz 0,5 kW R&S NR 8207
FM Radio Polskie Radio Białystok
Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Białymstoku "Radio Białystok" S.A.
99,40 MHz 30 kW Warel-Polska NRM 10S
Radio Muzyka Fakty Sp. z o.o.
100,20 MHz 120 kW Itelco T 214
FM Radio Radio Maryja
Warsaw Province of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer
104,70 MHz 120 kW RVR Elettronica VJ 15000
FM Radio Radio ZET
Radio ZET Sp. z o.o.
107,30 MHz 120 kW Warel-Polska NRM 10S

Antenna Configuration[edit]

  • Circular antenna of type ADT 8015 at height of 313m, 16 floors high, on 4 sides, polarization horizontal, gain 15.46 dB, resistance 2.1 dB, transmitting at frequency of 479.25 MHz (TVP2).
  • Circular antenna of type EAP 303 at height of 282.8m, 8 floors high, on 4 sides, polarization horizontal, gain 12 dB, resistance 2.1 dB, transmitting at frequency of 191.25 MHz (TVP1).
  • Circular antenna of type ADB 4104 at height of 236 m, 4 floors high, on 6 sides, polarization vertical, gain 8.62 dB, resistance 1.02 dB, transmitting at frequency of 92.3 MHz (Polskie Radio Program I)
  • Circular antenna of type ADB 4210 at height of 213 m, 8 floors high, on 3 sides, polarization horizontal, gain 9.39 dB, resistance 0.96 dB, transmitting at frequency of 100.2 MHz (RMF FM).


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