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10 April 2011; 6 years ago (2011-04-10)

8 April 2017 ; 1 month ago since its resource launch
Closed 1 April 2017, since its relaunch as TV5
Network Radio Televisyen Malaysia
Owned by Malaysian Broadcasting Department
Communication and Arts Malaysia
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM)
Picture format (576i, SDTV)
Country Malaysia
Broadcast area Nationwide, via digital satellite, DVB-T in Klang Valley.
Headquarters Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Formerly called RTMi, Muzik Aktif
Replaced TV5 (1–8 April 2017), before its resource as TVi
Sister channel(s) TV1, TV2
MyFreeview (Malaysia) Channel 110 [1][2]
Astro (Malaysia) Channel 109 (formerly as Channel 180)
HyppTV (Malaysia) Channel TBA
(Coming Soon)

RTM TVi, also known as TVi is a digital television station in Malaysia owned and operated by the Radio Television Malaysia of the Malaysian federal government.

TVi broadcasts for 24 hours a day since its re-launch in April 2011. TVi, specifically meant for Sabah and Sarawak, is an initiative by the federal government and the governments of the two states to bring about a deeper understanding of the people in the two territories. This would also help further promote the 1Malaysia concept among Malaysians, especially in the peninsular. TVi focusing programmes that highlight life in Sabah and Sarawak, culture and songs of the various ethnic groups in them, documentaries, history and plans in store for these two states.

The channel is previously available on Astro’s Channel 180, which also previously broadcast RTM Muzik Aktif. Beginning from 1 April 2017, the channel had been supposedly replaced by TV5 and moved to Astro’s Channel 109. But the situation was reversed just a few days later, when RTM quietly resume using TVi digital on screen graphics and the channel is eventually resumed under its old name. No official explanation was given.

Histories table[edit]

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As RTMi[edit]

TVi was launched along with the initial DVB-T tests available in the Klang Valley under the name RTMi. Its test broadcast began in 2000 chosen residential homes surrounding Klang Valley for 6 months starting in September 2006, using the DVB-T standard. The test ended in March 2007, involving the installation and the interpretation of the "Set Top Boxes" in the respective homes. During the period, the channel broadcast daily from 7:00 p.m. until 12 midnight (for 5 hours), previewing programmes that are shown on RTM1 and RTM2. This digitalisation test was estimated to cost over RM76 million. The transmitters used were provided by Harmonic Inc.

During the off air hours, RTM no longer uses the Philips test card, instead opting for a colour bar. The Philips test card was eventually only aired on TV1 and TV2, while the new colour bar cards are used for the remaining channels.

In April 2007, RTM had announced that digital transmission will persist despite the test period being over due to the positive response received during the period and plans for further testing involving different video/audio codecs.

For a brief period, transmission was moved to channel 43, however, the frequency was restored to channel 44 at the time RTMi was shut down.

At that time, Digital TV availability in Malaysia is limited to the few expensive USB tuners sold by computer stores and set top box handed out by RTM to selected households, hence the limited availability of the channel. During this time, RTMi was transmitted over DVB-T UHF Channel 44. The channel was transmitted on and off until 2009 with the deferral of the analogue shutdown to 2015 from 2012, when it was shelved in favour of three different channels- Muzik Aktif (its then-spiritual successor), Arena (a short-lived sports channel that was shut down due to a small court case over its name by Astro) and Berita Aktif (a news channel, scrapped within days of launching). At the time of closing, the types of programmes that RTMi had shown were repeats of dramas already airing on RTM1/RTM2, as well as music videos.

As RTM Muzik Aktif[edit]

RTM Muzik Aktif launched by RTM on 16 March 2009 as a successor to the RTMi channel. The channel was available via satellite using Astro platform at channel 180, and to DVB-T receiver owners on DVB-T UHF Channel 44.

RTM Muzik Aktif (Malay: Active Music) is a music channel in Malaysia. It is the first Malaysian music channel, taking the place of RTMi on the RTM Digital trial signals. On 10 April 2011, Muzik Aktif on Astro had been replaced with the new RTM channel focusing on East Malaysian viewers, TVi. However, Muzik Aktif is still available over DVB-T to those in the Klang Valley.

As TVi[edit]

As the Malaysian government aims to promote understanding between Peninsular Malaysia and the Borneo states (Sabah and Sarawak), RTM in conjunction with the Sabah and Sarawak state governments planned to launch TV channel which will promote Sabahan and Sarawakian culture.

On 10 April 2011, RTM launched the new TV station TVi, which focused on East Malaysian programmes. The channel broadcast via channel 180 Astro, replacing RTM Muzik Aktif. On digital terrestrial in the Klang Valley, the channel broadcasts on UHF channel 46, multiplexed with the digital simulcasts of RTM1 and RTM2. While the channel replaced Muzik Aktif on Astro, the channel actually airs alongside Muzik Aktif (though labelled as Music Active on its channel name) on the RTM Digital trial signal. TVi airs alongside RTM's other digital-only channels such as SinErgi (the spiritual successor to RTM's Arena), Panggung (which now airs repeats of old RTM1/RTM2 dramas, filling in RTMi's original role), and Pelangi (which airs locally produced children and teen programming, was originally named Ilham for a short stint). SinErgi, Panggung and Pelangi are multiplexed and transmitted in DVB-T on UHF channel 44.

As of late 2011, TVs with onboard DVB-T tuners are becoming available in the country. While the lack of set top boxes being sold still inhibits the ability to get the channel terrestrially to those unwilling to buy a new TV, many with DVB-T capable TV sets in the Klang Valley are now able to enjoy these 5 channels. However, all of these has since been stopped and now replaced by more advanced DVB-T2 system (which is provided by MYTV Broadcasting).

RTM TVi News[edit]

  • i-u Sarawak (Every Day 7:30 AM)
  • i-u Sabah (Every Day 7:45 AM)
  • i Kadazan Dusun (Every Day 7 PM)
  • i Iban (Every Day 7:15 PM)

RTM TVi Drama[edit]

  • Suami Tanpa Cinta (Every Mon-Fri 9 PM)


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16 March 2009 Muzik Aktif The rebranding
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1 April 2017 TV5 TV5's rebranding ident
6 April 2017 TV5 Online website's error and removation of Facebook's page
8 April 2017 TVi Resource from TV5 to TVi
10 April 2017 TVi Updating its graphics