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Broadcast area Perth, Western Australia,
Frequency 92.1 MHz FM
Format No formal playlist
Owner Community radio
Website RTRFM official website

RTRFM (call sign: 6RTR) is a not-for-profit, community radio station based in Perth, the state capital of Western Australia, Australia. It is self-funded, largely through listener subscription and fund-raising events, however it does carry some "advertising material" (called sponsorship with all community broadcasters in Australia) at a maximum of 5 mins per hour. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, on 92.1 in the FM band. The name RTRFM is a contraction of "aRTy Radio".

An estimated 103,000 listeners over the age of 15 regularly listen to RTRFM (approximately 8% of the 15+ population). The programming on RTRFM is diverse and broad, providing air time for local music, dance music, jazz, electronica, blues, classic rock, metal, indie, GLBTIQ news, current affairs and heaps more.


The station that became RTRFM started off at the University of Western Australia. It was started on 1 April 1977, broadcasting with the callsign 6UWA. Shortly afterwards, Murdoch University got involved and the station's callsign was changed to 6UVS.

In November 1990, the UWA Senate decided to close down the radio station and transmission was terminated that night. 6UVS was off air for six months while negotiations between the University, volunteers at the station and the Australian Broadcasting Authority were carried out. A public hearing was held and it was determined that Universities Radio Ltd. (a joint company of UWA and Murdoch University) could become Arts Radio Ltd. with the callsign of 6RTR. The station remained based at UWA. Murdoch remained involved through the program Murdoch Magazine (later to become Morning Magazine).

In 2005, RTRFM moved from its old home in the Sanders Building at the University of Western Australia to its own premises on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, which is where it is located today.


RTRFM has a diverse range of programs. Programming consists of 50 different programs which cover a host of issues and music genres including indie rock, indigenous music and current affairs, music of the 1960s and 70s, experimental music, punk and hardcore, dance and electronic music, chill wave and many more.

Daily programs include Breakfast with Barr (hosted by Peter Barr), Out to Lunch, Full Frequency and Drivetime. The Sunday Morning Coming Down program has a weekly feature album which is given away on the shows to subscribers. A local independent feature album and RTRFM feature album are also chosen to feature across all relevant RTRFM programming.


RTRFM has many flagship annual events including In the Pines, the Fremantle Winter Music Festival, Radiothon and Seriously Sound System.[1]

In the Pines[edit]

RTRFM’s In the Pines event is hosted annually at the University of Western Australia's Somerville Auitorium, and celebrates local music talent from a variety of different genres.

2011 line-up[edit]

Abbe May, Atolah, The Brow Horn Orchestra, The Devil Rides Out, Fall Electric, The Growl, Hootenanny, Mental Powers, Red Jezebel, The Scotch of Saint James, Seams, The Silent World, Simone & Girlfunkle, 6s & 7s, Sons of Rico, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Timothy Nelson & the Infidels, Umpire, Usurper of Modern Medicine and Wolves At the Door.

Fremantle Winter Music Festival[edit]

RTRFM established the Fremantle Winter Music Festival in 2007, which has since been held annually in multiple venues throughout Fremantle. The event showcases both well-known and up-and-coming bands from Fremantle and Perth.

2007 line-up[edit]

Fly By Night (Main Stage): The Autumn Isles, Capital City, The Kill Devil Hills, Mink Mussel Creek, The Preytells, Red Jezebel. Fly By Night (Transit Lounge): Andrew Ewing, Josh Fontaine, Felicity Groom, Andrew Ryan, Jeff Strong. The Norfolk Basement: Black and Blue, Bourgoise Bogan DJs, Deep City, Paul Gamblin, DJ Greg Packer, Pocket Disco, Bens Taaffe.[2]

2008 line-up[edit]

Fly By Night (Main Stage): The Bloods, Day of the Dead, Eleventh He Reaches London, Schvendes, Sugar Army. Fly By Night (Transit Lounge): Eduardo Cossio, Craig Hallsworth, Brendon Humphries, Seven Weapons. The Norfolk Basement: DTM, Graceberg, Micah, Rok Riley, Sardi, Ben Taaffe.[3]

2009 line-up[edit]

The Railway Hotel: Adam Said Galore, Apricot Rail, Gosia Basinska, Hayley Beth, Felicity Groom and the Black Black Smoke, Harlequin League, Benedict Moleta, Steve Parkin, Scotch of St James, Stereoflower, Andrew Weir. Mojos: Diger Rokwell, Massiv Trav, Shock One, Sibilance, Ylem. Beer Garden: Claude Mono, Lorraine Clifford, Paul Gamblin, Graceberg, Mama Cass, Jade Nobbs.[4]

2010 line-up[edit]

The Railway Hotel: Blackmilk, Boom! Bap! Pow!, Davey Craddock, The Joe Kings, Umpire. Mojos: Camry, Claude Mono, Nick Elliott, Paul Gamblin, Graceburg, Microgroove, Minaxi May, Jade Nobbs, Pex, Rok Riley, Simba, Taku, Underground Solution, Wrighteous. The Swan Basement: Brash & Sassy, Carl Fox, Massiv Trav, Micah, The Transients.[5]

2011 line-up[edit]

The Railway Hotel: The Chemist, Injured Ninja, Little Ships, The Morning Night, San Cisco. Mojos: Bastian's Happy Flight, Craig Hollywood, Philly Blunt, Rekab, Sam Perry, Sun City. Beer Garden: Calvinist Paul, Claude Mono, Adam Fox, Mama Cass, Wrighteous. The Swan Basement: Charlie Bucket, General Justice, Nic K, Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics, Sneaky Weasel Gang, Special Brew. Swan Lounge: Justin Walshe Folk Machine, Lucy Peach, Selk and the Bone Singers, Stoney Joe, Grace Woodroofe.[6]

2015 line-up[edit]

The 2015 Fremantle Winter Music Festival line-up will be revealed on RTRFM's Breakfast with Caitlin program on Monday, 25 May 2015.


RTRFM's major fundraiser is known as Radiothon. The event is hosted over a ten-day period in August and encourages listeners to subscribe to the station. Radiothon is kicked off each year with an Opening Party event (and in some years, also features a Closing Party event).

Seriously Sound System[edit]

Seriously Sound System features dance music and is hosted at Hyde Park.


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