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Pink TV
TypeFree-to-air television network
HeadquartersBelgrade, Serbia
OwnerPink Media Group
ParentPink International Company
Launch date
September 16, 1994 (1994-09-16)
Picture format
1080i (HDTV)
Official website

Pink TV is a popular, privately owned, national TV network in Serbia. Pink is the leading commercial station in the Serbian television broadcast market.[1] TV Pink has gained a strong reputation for its entertainment programming. The station offers a compilation of international/domestic movies (blockbuster, action, thrillers, drama, comedy), American sitcoms, dramas and Latin telenovelas, as well as locally produced talk/variety shows, and lately domestic sitcoms and reality shows.

TV Pink's parent company is the Belgrade-based Pink International Company, a member of the Pink Media Group (PMG), which is owned by Željko Mitrović.[2]


The company started broadcasting a TV signal on September 16, 1994 at 20:00, originally on analog channel 57 in Belgrade.

Right from its inception in 1994 TV Pink has strongly been oriented towards entertainment programmes. Different talk/variety shows endure to this day. Variety programmes like City Club (following the general format of BBC's Top of the Pops) and much maligned Grand Show (mostly featuring turbofolk performers) were the most popular in the beginning with the latter still going strong almost 13 years later.

Following its success with variety format, Pink's management started adding more traditional talk shows with Jedan pa tri (hosted by Tanja Vojtehovski-Stefanov), Svet oko nas (Ivana Zarić), Do poslednjeg daha (Miodrag Popov), Maksovizija (Milovan Ilić), etc. leading the pack. Others similarly set programmes that appeared in this period and onwards included: Svet Plus (Jelena Bačić-Alimpić), Pet do dvanaest (Boško Jakovljević and Aleksadra Kajganić), Lepota, zdravlje i još ponešto (Jelena Bačić-Alimpić), Sav taj pink (Boško Jakovljević and Aleksadra Kajganić), and alternately Ognjen Amidžić and Marija Jakšić, "Sanimetar" (Sandra Draskovic) etc.

Special mention goes to the short-format programme City - sort of a shorter multiple daily version of entertainment news shows in the vein of Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood - which over the years became the network's signature show and launched the careers of many of its presenters who became minor celebrities in the process (Boško Jakovljević, Biljana Obradović, Radmila Radenović, Bojana Nikolić, Adrijana Čortan, Aleksandra Jeftanović, Ivana Baltić, Irena Karaklajić, Ana Pendić, Marija Maćić, Stanko Škugor, Snežana Đorđević etc.).

TV Pink has earned a solid reputation for showing the latest box office film hits from the United States. According to an industry survey of television viewers conducted in 2007, respondents ranked TV Pink far ahead of any of the other Serbian stations in terms of the quality of its movie line-up. Pink has an exclusive output deal with Sony for its films and TV series.

Over the last 5–6 years, following a similar global trend, Pink started putting on a slew of reality and quiz shows, many of which were produced in co-operation with Emotion production company, like Leteći start (Milan Kalinić and Ana Mihajlovski), Potera, Zvezde ulice (Miki Perić), Ruski rulet (Irfan Mensur), Pravo lice (Sanja Radan), (Ne)moguća misija (elaborate candid camera show in the vein of Punk'd), Sve za ljubav (Milan Kalinić and Sanja Marinković), Menjam ženu (local version of Wife Swap), etc. Also, more talk-shows were added like Magazin IN (Sanja Marinković), Bravo Show (Jelena Bačić-Alimpić), "TV Guerrilla" (Sandra Draskovic), "Dojava" (Sandra Draskovic) etc. In early 2009, Pink scored ratings successes with "Celebrity Big Brother" and "The Moment of Truth."


In October 2000, following political changes in Serbia, RTV Pink started assembling its news division headed by Tanja Jordović who is the current Editor-in-Chief. At first the entire production was limited to Infotop—short, multiple daily broadcasts in a bulletin-style format—along with a central 30-minute evening newscast. Infotop mostly consisted of news agency reports as Pink had not yet developed a traditional network of correspondents.

Telenovelas, drama series and soap operas[edit]

RTV Pink has broadcast many foreign telenovelas, drama series and soap operas, mainly from Latin America, Turkey and India.

  • bold – currently airing
  • Green tickY – finished
  • Red XN – cancelled

Serbian telenovelas[edit]

Croatian telenovelas[edit]

  • Ljubav u zaleđu
  • Obični ljudi
  • Ponos Ratkajevih
  • Villa Maria
  • Zakon ljubavi

Turkish drama series[edit]

Latin American telenovelas[edit]

Indian soap operas[edit]


Between 1999 and 2006, Pink dominated the Serbian television market and received the highest ratings annually. Since 2006, the public broadcaster RTS1 took over, leading the overall ratings in every season except for 2009-2010 when Pink won the overall viewership race.

Pink's programming line-up has scored major ratings successes in many program genres. Music variety programs such as Zvezde Granda consistently draws large viewing audiences. In 2008, Zvezde Granda, Grand production's copy of American Idol, achieved unprecedented high ratings (80 market share at one point) during the broadcast of its finale. More than 2 million text messages were sent during the show's broadcast. Pink has also been at the forefront of introducing the reality show format to Serbia with programs such as Sve za ljubav (All for Love), and Menjam ženu (Wife Swap). In early 2009, TV Pink started airing The Moment of Truth. This program dominates the ratings in its weekly time-slot and has proven to be very popular. In the 2009 autumn programming season, TV Pink launched "The Farm," the latest reality show that attracted a large viewer base. Pink has also established its reputation for some of its special programming events such as Miss World Serbian selection. Pink's weekly film line-up includes drama, action, comedy, international, and Yugoslav/Serbian movies. Pink has had major output deals for American blockbuster films with Sony, Warner, Paramount, etc. In recent seasons, Pink put less films in its daily programming scheme, airing movies mainly in the evening.

In the new 2009 season, Pink launched its most ambitious programming scheme ever with shows that are likely to capture new viewer interest (e.g., The Farm) and a continuation of previously successful programs to hold its audience (e.g., Moment of the Truth). Across the board, Pink is introducing new musical variety shows, talk/entertainment shows, domestically produced sitcoms, a domestically produced dramatic series, etc. Other stations have not followed suit in comprehensively launching new programming and responding to demands of the viewing audience.

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