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RUAG Space is the Space Division of the Swiss technology group RUAG. At a total of eight sites in Switzerland (Zurich, Emmen and Nyon), Sweden (Gothenburg, Linköping), Finland (Tampere) and Austria (Vienna, Berndorf). RUAG Space employs around 1,100 people and posted sales of 283 million Swiss Francs in 2010.[1]


RUAG Space’s core business is the development and manufacture of subsystems & equipment for satellites and launch vehicles. The portfolio is divided into five product areas: (1) launcher structures and separation mechanisms such as payload fairings, (2) satellite structures, mechanisms and mechanical equipment, (3) digital electronics for satellites and launch vehicles, (4) satellite communications equipment and (5) satellite instruments.

Some specific products, such as slip rings or thermal insulation are offered also to non space customers


The RUAG space activities had their roots at the site of Emmen, Switzerland, in the late 1970s when the company started to carry out the final assembly of payload fairings for Ariane rockets as a subcontractor of Oerlikon Contraves (later named Oerlikon Space). Primarily through acquisitions RUAG expanded its space business continuously. First, the Swiss government owned company took over the companies Mecanex (Nyon) and HTS (Wallisellen). In 2008, RUAG acquired the Swedish SAAB Space and its subsidiary Austrian Aerospace. In 2009, RUAG finally bought Oerlikon Space AG, the largest Swiss space company at that time.

Company structure[edit]

RUAG Space is a division of the Swiss technology group RUAG, with locations in Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. While the Swiss space activities are part of the RUAG Schweiz AG, the Activities in Sweden and Austria are organized in dedicated companies, RUAG Space AB and RUAG Space GmbH. The Austrian RUAG Space GmbH is a subsidiary of the Swedish RUAG Space AB. RUAG Space AB and RUAG Schweiz AG are subsidiaries of RUAG Holding AG.

RUAG Space AB (Sweden)[edit]

RUAG Space AB specializes in related equipment, for example onboard computer systems, antennas and microwave electronics for satellites and adapters and separation systems for launchers. The company headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and a division for mechanical systems is situated in Linköping, Sweden. The company has 415 employees (May 2015[2]).

It was originally started as a joint venture between SAAB and Ericsson as Saab Ericsson Space until Ericsson sold its stake to SAAB together with Saab Microwave Systems in 2006.[3]


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