RV Oceania

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RV Oceania.jpg
RV Oceania
Polish Merchant Navy EnsignPoland
Builder: Gdańsk Shipyard, Gdańsk  Poland
Launched: 1985
Homeport: Gdańsk  Poland
Fate: operational
General characteristics
Displacement: 370 T
Length: 48.9m
Beam: 9.0m
Height: 32.0m
Draught: 3.8m
Propulsion: Diesel, 816 hp with controllable pitch propeller, bow thrusters 70 hp, 430 m² sails on 3 masts
Speed: 6 kn on sails, 13.5 kn on engine
Endurance: 1 month
Boats & landing
craft carried:
2 inflatable outboards
Complement: 13 crew, 14 scientists

RV Oceania, or SY Oceania, is a tall ship, owned by the Polish Academy of Sciences, and used as a research vessel.

She was built in 1985 in the Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland, after the design of Zygmunt Choreń. The hull was based on plans of earlier tall ships: ORP Iskra II and Pogoria, but its rigging was different. Oceania was originally a full rigged ship, with three masts (each 32 metres high). On every mast there was only one sail, in the shape of a vertical rectangle (sometimes Oceania was classified as a frigate), but later the yards and the sail from the mizzen-mast were removed. Sails are raised and driven hydraulically.

The ship is equipped with laboratories able to provide hydrographic, optic, acoustic, chemical, biological and particulate experiments and observations.

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