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The RWI Essen, full German name RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, is a leading economic research institute in Essen, Germany.

The RWI has a non-profit status, it is part of the Leibniz Association, mainly publicly funded, but also receives third-party-fundings and employs 80 people.

It is a policy advocacy that is recognized for co-authoring the 'joint diagnosis on the German economy', while it is seen as industry friendly and is criticized for its personally entanglement with industry by sharing staff of board of administration with energy (RWE), several insurance and financial cooperations and industry-funded think-tanks.[1]

Report on the German economy[edit]

The RWI Essen is one of the economic research institutes in Germany that, twice a year (in Spring and Autumn), submit a joint report on the state of the German economy, the so-called Gemeinschaftsdiagnose (joint diagnosis). [2]

The other participating institutes are:

Research focus[edit]

The research work of RWI is structured along four "competence areas":

  • Labor Markets, Education, Population
  • Health Economics
  • Environment and Resources
  • Macroeconomics and Public Finance


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