RX Leporis

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RX Leporis
RX Lep
Red giant RX Lep is 4 degrees south of Rigel
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Lepus
Right ascension  05h 11m 22.87s[1]
Declination −11° 50′ 56.72″
Apparent magnitude (V) 5–7.4[2][3]
Spectral type M6.2III[1][2][3]
Variable type Semi-regular pulsating (SRB)[1][2]
Radial velocity (Rv)46.1[1] km/s
Parallax (π)6.71 ± 0.44[1] mas
Distance490 ± 30 ly
(149 ± 10 pc)
Mass1–4[4] M
Radius100–200[4] R
Luminosity1500–4500[4] L
Temperature3300[4] K
Other designations
HD 33664, HR 1693, HIP 24169, BD–12° 1092, SAO 150206[1]
Database references

RX Leporis (RX Lep) is a star in the constellation of Lepus. It is a red giant and is a semi-regular pulsating star.

It has an apparent magnitude that varies from about 5 to 7.4.[2] At its brightest it is dimly visible to the naked eye, and at its dimmest can be located with binoculars. In the sky it is about 4 degrees south of Rigel and is located next to Iota Leporis.

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