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R Commander
Developer(s) John Fox et al.
Stable release
2.1-7 / February 22, 2015 (2015-02-22)
Operating system Cross-Platform
Platform R programming language
Type Statistical software
License GNU General Public License
Website R Commander

R Commander is a GUI for the R programming language, licensed under the GNU General Public License, and developed and maintained by John Fox in the sociology department at McMaster University.[1] Among the existing R GUIs, Rcmdr together with its plug-ins is perhaps the most viable R-alternative to commercial statistical packages like SPSS. The package is useful to R novices, since for each analysis run it displays the underlying R code.

Rcmdr can be installed from within R, like any R package. Integration with Microsoft Excel is provided by the RExcel package, which also provides an RAndFriendsLight "bundle" graphical installer. R commander is used as a suggested learning environment for a number of R-centric academic statistics books for students and scientists.[2][3]

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