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Native name:
Mota Lava.jpg
The islet of Rah is located at the southwest point of the bigger island Mota Lava.
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LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates13°42′58″S 167°37′48″E / 13.71611°S 167.63000°E / -13.71611; 167.63000Coordinates: 13°42′58″S 167°37′48″E / 13.71611°S 167.63000°E / -13.71611; 167.63000
ArchipelagoVanuatu, Banks Islands
Area0.5[1] km2 (0.19 sq mi)
ProvinceTorba Province
Population189 (2009)

Rah or Ra is a small coral islet of 0.5 km2 (0.19 sq mi), located in the Banks group of northern Vanuatu.[2] The same name also refers to the single village which is situated within this islet. There are massive rocks on the island.[3]

The islet of Rah is situated off the larger island of Mota Lava. Access to Rah is done in two ways: at low tide, by wading across the narrow strait from the mainland; at high tide, by outrigger canoe.


The islet is known in English, and Bislama, as Rah [ra]. This name reflects a shortened version of the form Rao (IPA: [rao]), which is the way the islet is called in the neighbouring language Mota. The island is also referred to as Ara

In the islanders' own language Mwotlap, the islet of Rah is called Aya (IPA: [aˈja]).

The letter h in the English spelling Rah does not represent anything in the actual name.


According to the inhabitants of Rah,[citation needed] the population on the island in 2018 is 204 people. The 2009 census figures[4] give a population of 189 inhabitants.


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