Raad (anti-ship missile)

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Type Anti-ship cruise missile
Service history
Used by Iran Iran
Production history
Manufacturer Iran Iran

360 km
Flight altitude Sea-skimming

Raad is an Iranian heavy anti-ship missile with the range of 360 km.[1] Although the missile resembles Chinese HY-2, it has significant differences. It uses the Iranian Toloue-4 turbojet engine and the DM-3B mono pulse radar used in Noor.[2]

Two air intakes are situated at the sides of the missile and one in the bottom. It is launched from shore-based TELs and ships, although no Iranian ship is reported to use the missile.[2] Development finished in 2004[3] and the missile was tested in Blow of Zolfaqar naval wargames in 2006.[4][5] The missile is said[who?] to be under production.[2]


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