Raaz Lyallpuri

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Raaz Lyallpuri
راز لایلپوری
Born Dhanpat Rai Thapar
Lyallpur, British India
Died 2004
Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Known for Ghazals and Nazms

Raaz Lyallpuri, born Dhanpat Rai Thapar s/o J.R. Thapar, was a popular Urdu poet of the Classical mold. He was born at Lyallpur (present day Faisalbad, Pakistan) on 14 July 1920. He belongs to the Daagh Dehlvi School of Urdu poetry through his ustaad Sahir Hoshiarpuri, the disciple of Josh Malsiyani who was the disciple of Daagh Dehlvi. He wrote mainly Urdu ghazals. His first collection of ghazals, Aiinaa e Raaz, was published in 1981; his second collection, Raaz o Niaz,[1] was published in 1985.