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Rabarama in 2006
Born Paola Epifani
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Education Arts High School, Treviso
Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
Known for Performance, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Notable work monumental sculptures, sculptures, performances, paintings
Movement contemporary art
Website www.rabarama.com

Rabarama, pseudonym of Paola Epifani, (born August 22, 1969) is an Italian contemporary artist.[1]

Artistic practice[edit]

Rabarama creates sculptures and paintings of men, women and hybrid creatures, often in eccentric poses.[2][3] The skins of her subjects are always decorated with patterns, symbols, letters, glyphs and other kind of figures, in a great variety of forms.[4]

Public art and internet art[edit]

Rabarama monumental sculptures have been exhibited in many public spaces[5]

  • Paris, Place de la Sorbonne, Rue Soufflot, Place du Pantheon
  • Reggio Calabria, seaside
  • Shanghai, People's Plaza
  • Miami, Mizner Park
  • Florence, Piazza Pitti- Giardino di Boboli-Giardino delle Scuderie Reali- Complesso Le Pagliere
  • Cannes, La croisette

Hi-tech and new media[edit]

In 2011 the world's first 360° video mapping on a sculpture was realized on a Rabarama's work called "Bozzolo" and exhibited live in Florence, Italy.[6][7]


Selected Exhibitions