Rabbah b. Abuha

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Rabbah b. Ab(b)uha (or Rabbah b. Avuha; Hebrew: רבה בר אבוה‎‎, read as Rabbah bar Abuha) was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the second generation of the Amora era. He was Abba Arika's ("Rav") Teacer par excellence,[1] and resided at Nehardea of babylonia. After the city had been destroyed by Papa ben Neser, he moved to Shekunzib (Hinzebu), and then again moved to Shilhe, then to Mahuza, where he became a Dayan, religious Judge, and the City's chief Rabbi. Sherira Gaon claimed to be a descendant of his, and of the Davidic line.[2]

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