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Rabbit, Amber & Cosi was a breakfast show broadcast on SAFM each weekday between 2007 and June 2010.

The show’s hosts were Dave Rabbetts (Rabbit), Amber Petty, and Andrew Costello (Cosi). Each broadcast of the show ran from 6AM to 9AM. Rabbit ran a segment called “Rabbit's Gotcha Calls” in which he made prank phone calls. These phone calls are requested by listeners. Amber ran a segment called “Daily Dirt” to talk about the latest Hollywood gossip. She was usually accompanied by Richard Reid in this segment.


Amber left the program in June 2010 to launch her health and wellbeing website,[1] while Rabbit and Cosi remained with the station until August 2012.[2] Amber was replaced by Hayley Pearson, with SAFM's successor breakfast program being the Hayley, Rabbit and Cosi show.


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