Rabbit Junk (album)

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Rabbit Junk
Studio album by Rabbit Junk
Released 2004
Genre Digital hardcore, industrial metal, punk rock
Producer JP Anderson
Rabbit Junk chronology
Rabbit Junk
Hare Brained: The Remixes
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Sideline.Com 3/5 stars [1]

Rabbit Junk is the first album by the Seattle-based digital hardcore band Rabbit Junk. The album showcases a lot of styles in contrast to JP Anderson's first band The Shizit, as Anderson combines jungle, punk, rap and techno into his own style which he calls "hardclash". A radically different sounding remastered edition was released in 2008 by the Full Effect Records label.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Orange Laces" 4:30
2. "Plastical" 4:46
3. "Not Owned" 3:48
4. "Washout" 4:17
5. "I Vote Bolshevik Lite" 4:15
6. "Punkass" (contains a sample of 'Gangsta Gangsta' by NWA) 4:20
7. "Walking on the Moon" (originally performed by The Police) 3:53
8. "Fingaprints" 4:26
9. "Inside My House" 3:40
10. "ISO vs Life" 6:14
11. "I Vote Bolshevik Lite (Cyanotic remix)" (available only on the remastered version, also contains a hidden track) 8:02


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