Rabbit in the Moon

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Rabbit in the Moon
Rabbit in the moon live.jpg
Rabbit in the Moon performing in 2017
Background information
OriginTampa, Florida
Drum and bass
Years active1991–Present
LabelsHallucination Recordings
Associated actsDJ Monk
Websiterabbitinthemoon.com Edit this at Wikidata
MembersDavid Christophere
DJ Monk

Rabbit in the Moon is an American electronic music group. Their style draws from psychedelic trance, house music and breakbeat, along with other diverse influences.


Formed in 1992 in Tampa, Florida, the group consisted of performer/singer Bunny and producer David Christophere. Former member DJ Monk left the group in 2002.

After several singles released on Monk and David Christophere's Hallucination Recordings label under the name Anarch-E, their first success as producers came in 1993 with the release of the "Phases of an Out of Body Experience" single on Hardkiss Records. As remixers, Rabbit in the Moon has reworked songs by artists such as Garbage ("Queer" and "Milk"), Tori Amos ("Precious Things"), Sarah McLachlan ("Fear", "Possession"), Orbital ("Are We Here?"), Smashing Pumpkins ("The End Is the Beginning Is the End"), Goldie ("Inner City Life"), White Zombie ("Blood, Milk and Sky") and Delerium ("Euphoria").

Rabbit in the Moon has also collaborated with Humate and in 1994 they released the Hemispheres E.P.[citation needed]

Throughout their career, Rabbit in the Moon toured extensively in the United States playing shows at venues and raves.

The Rabbit in the Moon Remixes Volume 2 CD came with a liner note stating that there was a new album to be released in summer of 2001. The album never materialized. Because of Monk's departure, questions were raised as to whether the band was breaking up, but this was not the case.

A new song called "Time Bomb" surfaced in 2003, with David Christophere and Bunny as the only producers on the track.

In 2005, they made the song "Came and Conkered", inspired by and featured in the soundtrack of the 2005 video game Conker: Live & Reloaded. They were asked by Nile Rodgers to create music for the Xbox remake of the game.[citation needed]

Early in 2007, a countdown to a new album appeared on the band's MySpace page, putting the release date in April 2007. The album was ultimately released on July 10, 2007. It features two discs: one, a collection of past singles and newer material in audio CD format; the other, a collection of music videos and live performances from various festivals and concerts in DVD format. The record is called "Decade", and was released on Contagious Musiq / Southbeat Records.[1]

In 2008, on the second night of the Annual World DJ Festival in Seoul, South Korea, frontman Bunny was injured when a glass bottle thrown by someone in the crowd hit his left eye, lacerating his retina, lens, and skin, and severely damaging his vision. Friends and fans throughout the electronic dance music community rallied to raise money to help him pay for his medical expenses.[2]

As of 2010, Rabbit in the Moon announced on their MySpace page that they were working on a new double album.[citation needed]

On March 27, 2010, Rabbit in the Moon performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. David Christophere was not seen at this show, fueling rumors he left the band and of an imminent band break up.[citation needed] David Christophere's last Rabbit in the Moon show was New Year's Eve 2009.[citation needed]

The two have not performed a show together since. Bunny has been performing in several countries under the title BUNNY or Bunny Live.

David Christophere continues to produce music and DJ from his home base in Los Angeles.

On December 16, 2015, the Ultra Music Festival of Miami announced on their lineup of 2016 edition the appearance of Rabbit in the Moon.[citation needed] Since their show at Ultra 2015 Rabbit in the Moon have been releasing new music and playing on and off festival gigs. They performed at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando in November, 2016.

Ultra Music Festival 2016 and 2017 featured Rabbit in the Moon on the Live Stage. During 2017 Ultra as well, Bunny met with fans and took pictures and signed autographs during the opening day. He was announced as Rabbit in the Moon.[3]

On March 25, 2018 Rabbit In The Moon performed at Ultra Music Festival in Miami commemorating the electronic festival's 20th anniversary.[4]

Selected discography[edit]

Original productions and singles


  • Velocity, "Lust" Desirable mix (Superstition)
  • Orbital, "Are We Here" RITM's Oral Mix & Laconic Dub (London/FFRR)
  • Sarah McLachlan, "Possession, Fear & Fear of Possession" R.I.T.M. rmxs (Arista)
  • God Within, "The Phoenix" R.I.T.M. river & rain rmx (Hardkiss)
  • Aquarhythms, "Heart Sequence" RITMs Moveable Feast Mix ) (Astralwerks)
    • (orig. released as Ether "BodyJazz / Bodyfusion" on Aquarhythms
  • Rabbit in the Moon/Humate, "East" R.I.T.M.'s southern stimulation (Superstition/RisingHigh)
  • Cosmic Baby, "Cosmic Greets Florida" R.I.T.M. greets berlin & 7 am pacific rmxs (Logic)
  • Nightripper, "Tone Exploitation" R.I.T.M. exploitation rmx (ESP)
  • Astral Pilot, "Electro Acupuncture" RITM's Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Harthouse)
  • Garbage, "Queer" R.I.T.M.'s Heftybag mix and F.T.F.O.I. mix (Geffen/Almo Sounds)
  • Planet Soul, "Set U Free" R.I.T.M.'s Moon Spirits dub (Strictly Rhythm)
  • Goldie, "Inner City Life" R.I.T.M. mixes (London/FFRR)
  • White Zombie, "More Human Than Human" (Geffen)
  • White Zombie, "Blood, Milk & Sky" RITM's Subterranean Mix (Geffen)
  • Garbage, "Stupid Girl" (Geffen/Almo Sounds)
  • Keoki, "Caterpillar" R.I.T.M.'s disco 2001 mix (Moonshine)
  • BT & Tori Amos, "Blue Skies" R.I.T.M.'s Fathomless mix (Kinetic/Perfecto)
  • Garbage, "Milk" R.I.T.M.'s Got It, Butchered Vegas and Udder mixes (Geffen/Almo)
  • Delerium, "Euphoria" (firefly) R.I.T.M.'s Divine Gothic Disco Mix & Dub (Netwerk)
  • Healy & Amos, "Argentina" R.I.T.M.'s Helium mix (Positiva)
  • TDF (feat. Eric Clapton), "Ripstop" R.I.T.M.'s Creamy Funkshunal mix (Reprise)
  • Smashing Pumpkins, "The End Is The Beginning Is The End" RITM's Melancholy & The Infinite Madness Mix & Dub (Warner Bros.)
  • Banco De Gaia, "Drunk As A Monk" R.I.T.M.'s Brass Monkey mix (Mammoth)
  • Love & Rockets, "R.I.P. 20C" R.I.T.M.'s D.eath M.etal T.echno mix & R.I.T.M.'s R.I.P.ella (Red Ant)
  • Stone Roses vs. RITM "Fool's Gold" RITM's Message To The Majors & Straight Beat Mixes (Jive Electro)
  • Stone Roses vs. RITM "I Wanna Be adored" RITM's Acid Hacienda V2.1, Sex EFX & 909, For The Love Of Acid Mix & LunaSol's Acid Hacienda (Jive Electro)
  • Planet Perfecto (Paul Oakenfold) "Bullet In The Gun 2000" RITM's Bloodhound Gangbangers & Spooky Red Ribbon Mixes (Perfecto)


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