Rabbit pie

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Rabbit pie
A meat pie made with rabbit and chicken
Type Savoury pie
Main ingredients rabbit, onions, celery and carrots

Rabbit pie is a game pie consisting of rabbit meat in a gravy with other ingredients (typically onions, celery and carrots) enclosed in a pastry crust.[1] Rabbit pie is part of traditional American and English cuisine.[2] It has recently found renewed popularity.[3]


Wild rabbit, as opposed to farmed, is most often used as it is easily and affordably obtained, and is described as more flavorsome.[4]

Along with rabbit meat, ingredients of the filling of a rabbit pie typically include onions, celery and carrots.[5][6][7] Other ingredients may include prunes,[7][8] bacon[6][7] and cider.[5][6] Australian recipes for rabbit pie sometimes include the food paste Vegemite as an ingredient.[9]

In culture[edit]

Rabbit pie was a staple dish of the American pioneers.[10] Thanks to the increasing demand for wild and fresh ingredients, rabbit pie is often seen on the menus of fashionable restaurants and gastropubs.[11]

Two huge rabbit pies are part of traditional Easter celebrations in the English village of Hallaton, Leicestershire.[12]

In Beatrix Potter's children's book The Tale of Peter Rabbit, the title character's father was put into a rabbit pie for going into Mr McGregor's garden.[13]

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