Rabe (crater)

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Rabe Crater ESA310883.tiff
ESA's Mars Express' HRSC photo of Rabe Crater, North is to the right
RegionArgyre quadrangle
Coordinates43°54′S 34°54′E / 43.9°S 34.9°E / -43.9; 34.9Coordinates: 43°54′S 34°54′E / 43.9°S 34.9°E / -43.9; 34.9
Diameter108 km
EponymWilhelm F. Rabe

Rabe is a crater on the planet Mars, located in the Noachis quadrangle at 43.9° south latitude 34.9° east longitude. It measures approximately 108 kilometers in diameter. Its name was approved in 1973, and refers to Wilhelm F. Rabe, a German astronomer (1893–1958).[1]


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