Rabi'ah ibn al-Harith

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Rabi'ah ibn al-Harith (Arabic: ربيعة ابن الحريث‎)[1] was a sahaba of Muhammad. His name is mentioned in Muhammad's last speech:

Behold! Everything that is jahiliyyah’s is trampled under my feet. All usury is abolished, but you retain your capital. Do no wrong and you shall not be wronged. Allah has ordered that there should be no usury. All the usury of Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib is abolished. All the (unrevenged) blood claims of the jahilliyyah are abolished and the first claim I abolish is that of the son of Rabi’ah ibn al-Harith ibn Abd al-Muttalib; he was fostered among Banu Layth, (where the tribe of) Hudhayl killed him. This is the first of the jahiliyyah blood claim that I begin with.

He is also involved in the Hadith of the ten promised paradise.

Rabī‘ah and his brother Abū Sufyān (Mughīrah) ibn al-Ḥārith, were among those eight people who did not flee in the Battle of Hunayn.


  1. ^ Other transliterations include "Rabah ibn al-Harith"

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