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Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic ﺩﺍﺒﺭ
 • Also spelled Khirbet Rabud (official)
Rabud is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of Rabud within Palestine
Coordinates: 31°26′0″N 35°1′0″E / 31.43333°N 35.01667°E / 31.43333; 35.01667Coordinates: 31°26′0″N 35°1′0″E / 31.43333°N 35.01667°E / 31.43333; 35.01667
Governorate Hebron
 • Type Village council (from 1993)
 • Head of Municipality Muhammad Huraibat[1]
 • Jurisdiction 2,200 dunams (2.2 km2 or 0.8 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 2,262

Rabud (Arabic: ﺩﺍﺒﺭ‎, also spelled Khirbet Rabud) is a Palestinian village in the southern West Bank, part of the Hebron Governorate, located 13 kilometers southwest of Hebron and about 5 km northwest of as-Samu. Rabud had a population of 2,262 in the 2007 census by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).[2] The principal families are the Huraibat, Quteinah, al-Uqela and Shanan.[3]

According to research by the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem, Rabud's history dates back to the Canaanite period in Palestine, but that the modern inhabitants of the village migrated from the Arabian Peninsula. A village council was established by the Palestinian National Authority in 1993 to administer Rabud's civil affairs and provide limited municipal services.[3] There is currently one mosque, Salah ad-Din Mosque, which serves the village.