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Alex DeMeo's Race America
Race America Cover.jpg
North America cover art
Developer(s)Imagineering Inc.[1]
Designer(s)Alex DeMeo
Composer(s)Mark Van Hecke
Genre(s)Arcade racing[1]

Alex DeMeo's Race America (also known in Europe as Corvette ZR-1 Challenge[2]) is a racing video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The art style is in a Western art style; a clear sign of its non-Japanese origin.[3] The game was never released in Japan. The European version received the Chevrolet license to use its Corvette ZR-1 vehicles while those in the North American version had to be redesigned into vehicles that strongly resembled Dodge Vipers.[3]


The game involves at driving on America's roads at approximately 200 miles (320 km) per hour from Boston to Los Angeles - 2,990 miles (4,810 km) from start to finish.[4] In the 2-player mode, the players race against each other using the same car model, but in different colors. In the single player mode, each player must compete against eight computer-controlled cars across the USA.[4] The drivers are all fictional and are not based on any racers of the era.[4]


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