Race Street (Philadelphia)

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Race Street
Race Street Meetinghouse and Visitors Center from Cherry Street.jpg
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Postal code 19102, 19103, 1904

Race Street is a major east-west street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that runs parallel to Arch Street. It was one of William Penn's original gridded streets from the 1680s though named Sassafras Street.[1] It is listed by name on the map in Birch's Views of Philadelphia (1800) – Race and Arch Streets are listed by their original names, "Sassafras" and "Mulberry." The earliest official use of the name Cherry Street was in 1809.[2]


The name "Race Street" was originally a nickname given to the street as the street was used for horse racing in the 1800s. The name became official some time in the mid 1850s.

Points of interest[edit]

Center City[edit]

From east in Center City (near the Delaware River) to west (near the Schuylkill River):

West Philadelphia[edit]

Drexel University Campus, from 32nd to 34th Streets:

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Coordinates: 39°57′20″N 75°09′53″W / 39.955577°N 75.16475°W / 39.955577; -75.16475