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The Race of Champions is a racing organization owned by 1670 Sports and Entertainment as of 2016. The Race of Champions is a racing organization six different series (Five on Asphalt, One on Dirt).

Race of Champions
Race of champions, modified racing, logo, march 2018.png
Country United States of America and Canada
Tire suppliers Hoosier
Official website https://www.rocmodifiedseries.com/

The Race of Champions race/weekend[edit]

The Race of Champions is a yearly stock car race using modified race cars. The Race of Champions is the successor to the Langhorne National Open, and uses the 1951-1971 opens as the first 21 RoC events. Champions from weekly racetracks throughout the Northeast and Southeast are awarded guaranteed starting positions. Large fields of cars from many states attempt to qualify for each Race of Champions. The 1972-76 RoC events were held at Trenton Speedway. Five different drivers won the five RoC events at Trenton. From 1977 to 1991, Pocono Raceway hosted the Race of Champions. From 1977 to 1979, the race was held on the 2.5 mile triangular superspeedway; from 1980 to 1991, the three-quarter-mile infield oval was used. Richie Evans and George Kent were the leading winners, each winning two of the fifteen RoC events at Pocono. In 1992, the Race of Champions was moved to Flemington Raceway, where it stayed through 1995 with winners; Pauch, Boyd, Siscone and Blewett III. In 1996, the race moved to Oswego Speedway. Jan Leaty winning the year it moved, Tony Hirschman and Matt Hirschman are tied for number of wins at four at Oswego Speedway. Also for a brief one year period the Race of Champions Weekend was moved to Chemung Speedrome where Matt Hirschman won. In 2017 the Race of Champions weekend gained a title sponsor in Presque Isle Downs and was moved to Lake Erie Speedway in Erie, Pennsylvania. Matt Hirschman came out victorious once again, surpassing is father (Tony Hirschman) in wins at the event and is now fourth in all time wins at the event. The man to beat at the Race of Champions 250 continues to be Matt Hirschman as he wins his sixth Race of Champions 250 topping the all-time wins list at the event. This win was also his fourth in a row at the event.


The Race of Champions is also a stock car racing series on both dirt and asphalt and was nominated for and won Best Touring Series on the 51's (which is an annual fan voted awards) for the 2017 season. The Race of Champions which is now a racing organization with many different series started out as one single race, the Race of Champions in which champions in modified racing from all over the country would come and try to qualify to race against the best which many were granted starting positions because of there achievements at other races or tracks.

[1] Current Asphalt Schedules[edit]

Asphalt Modifieds Series[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
5/12/18 Lancaster National Speedway Queen City Clash '75 07 Patrick Emerling
6/9/18 Lake Erie Speedway Lake Erie '75 Presented by Jim Moss Builders 60 Matt Hirschman
6/28/18 Lancaster National Speedway Ol' Boy Cup IV 22 Chuck Hossfeld
7/14/18 Jukasa Motor Speedway The Great Canadian 100 07 Patrick Emerling
7/21/18 Holland International Speedway Thunder in the Hills 100 12x Andy Jankowiak
8/2/18 Lancaster National Speedway Modified Mania '50 25 Mike Leaty
8/4/18 Chemung Speedrome Rod Spalding Classic '75 60 Matt Hirschman
8/18/18 Lancaster National Speedway Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak 110 12x Andy Jankowiak
8/31/18 Spencer Speedway Tribute to Pops Leaty 75 60 Matt Hirschman
9/23/18 Lancaster National Speedway 30th Annual US Open 60 Matt Hirschman
9/29/18 Lake Erie Speedway 68th Annual Race of Champions 250 60 Matt Hirschman

Asphalt Sportsman Series[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
9/9/18 Evan Mills Speedway Battle at the Border 50 44 Scott Wylie
9/15/18 Delaware Speedway The Great Canadian Race 00 Connor Sellars
9/22/18 Lancaster National Speedway 29th Annual US Open 22 Chuck Hossfeld
9/28/18 Lake Erie Speedway Sportsman 75 39 Jeremy Haudricourt

Asphalt Late Models Series[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
5/5/18 Lancaster National Speedway N/A N/A N/A
6/9/18 Lake Erie Speedway CPS 40 15 Roy Hayes
7/14/18 Lancaster National Speedway N/A 0 Eldon King
7/28/18 Lancaster National Speedway Autograph Night '30 0 Eldon King
8/11/18 The Track @ Hillside Jerry Gradl '50 48 Sam Fullone
9/1/18 The Track @ Hillside Autograph Night '30 48 Sam Fullone
9/7/18 The Track @ Hillside Bud 100 0 Eldon King
9/23/18 Lancaster National Speedway TBA 98 Tommy Catalano
9/29/18 Lake Erie Speedway TBA 48 Sam Fullone

Asphalt Super Stocks Series[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
5/12/17 Lancaster National Speedway TBA 71 Tim Gullo
5/20/17 Evergreen Raceway N/A N/A N/A
6/23/18 The Track @ Hillside N/A N/A N/A
6/28/18 Lancaster National Speedway TBA 64 Joe Mancuso
8/4/18 Chemung Speedrome Tribute to Ed McGuire 51 64 Joe Mancuso
8/18/18 Lancaster National Speedway TBA 71 Tim Gullo
9/1/18 The Track @ Hillside Autograph Night '25 64 Joe Mancuso
9/22/18 Lancaster National Speedway John Julicher Classic 64 Joe Mancuso
9/28/18 Lake Erie Speedway TBA 48 Tommy Krawcyzk

Asphalt Four-Cylinder Dash Series[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
7/21/18 The Track @ Hillside Butch Palmer Memorial '32 04 Travis Montgomery
8/31/18 Spencer Speedway Tribute to "Pops" 25 54 Tyler Catalano
9/22/18 Lancaster National Speedway TBA TBD TBD
9/29/18 Lake Erie Speedway TBA TBD TBD

[1] Current Dirt Schedules[edit]

Dirt Sportsman[edit]

Date Track Name Race Name Winner Winner (Name)
6/30/18 Stateline Speedway Open Wheel Mania '40 12 Chad Chevalier
7/1/18 Humberstone Speedway Canada Day Race 72 James-Micheal Friesen
8/24/18 Ohsweken Speedway CLUB 54 “30” 16 Brent Begolo
8/25/18 Merrittville Speedway Harry Sittler Memorial 30 68 Dave DiPietro
8/26/18 Humberstone Speedway Pete Cosco Memorial 40 18R Brad Rouse

Past Champions[edit]

Asphalt Modifieds
Year Name
1994 Charlie Rudolph
1995 George Kent
1996 George Kent
1997 Chuck Hossfled
1998 J.R. Kent
1999 J.R. Kent
2000 George Kent
2001 George Kent
2002 George Kent
2003 George Kent
2004 Tony Hanbury
2005 Matt Hirschman
2006 Earl Paules
2007 Pete Brittain
2008 Matt Hirschman
2009 Matt Hirschman
2010 Matt Hirschman
2011 Chuck Hossfled
2012 Matt Hirschman
2013 Matt Hirschman
2014 Chuck Hossfeld
2015 Matt Hirschman
2016 Patrick Emerling
2017 Mike Leaty
2018 Chuck Hossfeld

Past Race of Champions Race Winners[edit]

Event No. Year Track Winner
1 1951 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Hully Bunn
2 1952 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Jim DeLaney
3 1953 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Ted Swaim
4 1954 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Frankie Schneider
5 1955 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Pete Corey
6 1956 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Dutch Hoag
7 1957 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Glenn Guthrie
8 1958 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Jim DeLaney
9 1959 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Jim DeLaney
10 1960 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Dutch Hoag
11 1961 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Bob Malzahn
12 1962 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Frankie Schneider
13 1963 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Dutch Hoag
14 1964 Langhorne 1.0mi (Dirt) Freddy Adam
15 1965 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Bill Slater
16 1966 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Will Cagle
17 1967 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Dutch Hoag
18 1968 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Dutch Hoag
19 1969 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Ray Hendrick
20 1970 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Merv Treichler
21 1971 Langhorne 1.0mi (Paved) Roger Treichler
22 1972 Trenton 1.5mi (Paved) Geoff Bodine
23 1973 Trenton 1.5mi (Paved) Richie Evans
24 1974 Trenton 1.5mi (Paved) Fred De Sarro
25 1975 Trenton 1.5mi (Paved) Ray Hendrick
26 1976 Trenton 1.5mi (Paved) Maynard Troyer
27 1977 Pocono 2.5mi (Paved) Maynard Troyer
28 1978 Pocono 2.5mi (Paved) Geoff Bodine
29 1979 Pocono 2.5mi (Paved) Richie Evans
30 1980 Pocono 2.5mi (Paved) Richie Evans
31 1981 Pocono .75mi (Paved) George Kent
32 1982 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Greg Sacks
33 1983 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Jimmy Spencer
34 1984 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Brian Ross
35 1985 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Brett Bodine
36 1986 Pocono .75mi (Paved) George Kent
37 1987 Pocono .75mi (Paved) George Brunnhoelzl
38 1988 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Reggie Ruggiero
39 1989 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Tony Hirschman
40 1990 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Mike Stefanik
41 1991 Pocono .75mi (Paved) Satch Worley
42 1992 Flemington .625mi (Paved) Lenny Boyd
43 1993 Flemington .625mi (Paved) Billy Pauch
44 1994 Flemington .625mi (Paved) Tony Siscone
45 1995 Flemington .625mi (Paved) John Blewett III
46 1996 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Jan Leaty
47 1997 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Tony Hirschman
48 1998 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Sege Fidanza
49 1999 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Chuck Hossfeld
50 2000 Oswego .626mi (Paved) George Kent Sr.
51 2001 Oswego .626mi (Paved) George Kent Sr.
52 2002 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Tim Mangus
53 2003 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Sege Fidanza
54 2004 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Eric Beers
55 2005 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Chuck Hossfeld
56 2006 Oswego .626mi (Paved) T.J. Potrzebowski
57 2007 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Jan Leaty
58 2008 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Tony Hirschman
59 2009 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Billy Putney
60 2010 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Tony Hirschman
61 2011 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Zane Zeiner
62 2012 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
63 2013 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
64 2014 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Chuck Hossfeld
65 2015 Chemung .333mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
66 2016 Oswego .626mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
67 2017 Lake Erie .375mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
68 2018 Lake Erie .375mi (Paved) Matt Hirschman
69 2019 Lake Erie .375mi (Paved) TBD
70 2020 Lake Erie .375mi (Paved) TBD


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