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Rachael Bermingham is an Australian entrepreneur,[1] author, public speaker, mentor and former TV personality and hairdresser.[2]

Rachael has written 7 bestselling books (6 self-published and 1 published) since 2006. Her books are nearing sales of 4 million copies.

Rachael's first book Read My Lips was written with co-authors Cyndi O'Meara, Jodie McIver, Fleur Whelligan, Kim Morrison, and Allison Mooney, and released 14 February 2006. Rachael's second book 4 Ingredients was co-written with Kim McCosker (Turnbull), as were the following books within the series, 4 Ingredients 2, 4 Ingredients Gluten Free, "4 Ingredients Fast, Fresh & Healthy" and "4 Ingredients Kids". Rachael and Kim celebrated their first title being named bestselling title of 2008 (it was 2nd bestselling title to JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007 the year of its release).[3] Rachael's fifth book was a mini-book entitled How To Write Your Own Book & Make It A Bestseller, a bestselling book upon release, it has now been transformed into a home-study program for aspiring authors.

Bermingham has also previously appeared on the TV show 4 Ingredients, which aired in 23 countries including Australia, Africa, UK and New Zealand.

In 2010, Rachael launched her own book distribution and education company (Bermingham Books) and mentors authors on how to write, publish and promote their own titles.

The following year, in 2011, Bermingham revealed she was leaving her association with the 4 Ingredients franchise after being bought out of her 50% stake by Kim McCosker. Bermingham also explained she was leaving her husband, denying suggestions of extra-marital affairs by her husband.[4]

In 2012, Bermingham released her 8th book "Savvy" ingredients for success—a motivational and inspiration book for women wanting to build a business from home around their family commitments.

In the following years, Rachael stopped travelling and left the public eye to dedicate her time to raising her 3 boys, write, mentor and develop her book production company. She is still actively seen riding her motorbike alongside her 3 boys on theirs.

Bermingham is set to release her 2 new book titles How to Write Your Book and How to Market Your Book in March 2017.

Rachael lives on Australia's Sunshine Coast and has three sons, Jaxson 11 years old and 6-year-old twin boys Bowie and Casey, who travel extensively with her around the globe speaking and promoting her books. And a pet seal named thomas.


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